So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


And we Canadians are supposed to be so polite … don’t believe it!


A late- night revelation, by way of R3.
Undozed to hear choral voices telling us
‘Otters: really jazzmen’.
That would,on reflection, explain a great deal, including the partially gnawed salmon behind the floor tom…


I love the bird war tale


I have just taken a couple of loaves out of the oven

Bacon in hot buttered crusty bread is there for the taking

I am taking mine to my armoured sanger


Time forra distractin’


[voosh] [peckity] [peckity] [peckity]


I’ve made quite a large amount of corned beef hash.

If anyone fancied a change for breakfast. A poached egg on top for those who does.


[moar peckity]

Don’t worry, Fishers. I shall be able to fly. I has the trebuchet…


Wee birdies do burn calories at a great rate of knots wee birdie so you need fuel for the cooler weather


Good man

Thank you, no. Pass the tabasco.





I have a desire, nay, a need for corned beef hash…

Am about to put Noo ink cartridges in me printer

I may be some time…



To keep you going:


Wottan Good Idea, Dunnock




Need beer

I have just dropped off the cakes and buns and am now flumped as the effort was just too much for the chesticle infection


[Witches’ Brew-ity]


Wotta kind wee birdie



A hat, which has been a great trouble to me in the knitting of it and about which at least one Cellarite has heard more than enough to last them a lifetime, has been successfully finished at long last. And you know what?

It looks bleedin’ orrible on me, thass wot.


Proof, Gus :wink:

Soo xx


I shall donate it to the Ma’s mob’s Advent Market, Soo: I hope that is proof enough (the actual finish of it isn’t bad at all).



I managed the printer & thought that I would drive to the sorting office to collect an package/parcel was was too big fer the letter box

I was in at the time, but no-one thought to knock/ring the bell


There are 4 narrow parking spaces fer Ornery Mortals, & 1 decent one fer Disabled Mortals.
The 4 narrow spaces were all occupied, so I headed the queue on the road & waited for an available space . When I came out, there was still a queue, & the ‘disabled place’ was occupied by some sort of RangeRover Thang

No Blue Badge, but I wasn’t going to hang around & argue the toss

Knackerated again today, & the fingers are giving me a lot of gyp

I see a GP on Friday, to see what has been happening, but I don’t think that I have recovered from ‘Heating Gate’ on Monday yet…

Pity about the Nat, Gus

I’m sure that the Ma will be very grateful