So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


That requires moving me 'ead, and I would prefer not to.
Anyway, he’s subsided now, having established that I am No Fun


You’re still a Bit Fun, ill as you are, Gus. Imho.
Soo xx



I’m happy and relieved to hear Good News from Twellsy and the Fish, and hoping for Twellsy’s speedy return home and Gus’s recovery.


Gus probably thinks that I am just stealing her thunder

Trust me I don’t want that


Well, if it’s a stunt, Twellsy, it certainly got our attention!

When do you think they’ll let you loose?


Oi, leave me meteorological phenomena alone: I enjoy a bit ovva storm.
The thing is that you, Twellsy, are proper, 'fishell Poorly whereas I am an idle, malingering whingebag.


… who talks rubbish.


If what you have is the cold I have been having since … feels like … forever, you are not malingering.


Shall I just fly the Yellow Jack outside the Cellar until we’re sorted?


Prolly a Good Idea.
Soo :mask: xx


Very much so.


Yesh. Snish.


Yes not warning folks wouldn’t be fair


It’ll keep the wimpy riff-raff out, anyhoo.
Soo xx



I’m a believer in not letting people be unaware of the fact that I’ve just put them in their place.

In Disciplinary Meetings, employees not mine, I have made something of a speciality of this.


One of the things I like about That Fish (and vice versa) is that each of us knows that the other will be much harder on themselves for their own failing than we could ever be.


Reminding me of the comment " … I’m my own greatest critic" being met by the reply from the guy’smanager " … no. No, you’re not."

I have just had dinner 

Baked spud with spinach stuffed chicken breast and vegetables in a light cream and chive sauce

And I have a cheese and cracker snack for later

Oak smoked cheddar a nice bit of coke on Bert and agouda with red wine marble

They seem to want you to feel well fed with good food

I have been told that I am here for a few days

And I am knitting the last bit of my jacket/cardi so I am at the stage of marking my pattern with highlighters to work out where I am


Thank you for that, Twellers: am now visualising a bizarre Archers sex-and-drugs scandal scenario.

Glad they are feeding you well. Hope, after the above comment, that you can keep it down ;- )



Spillchucker strikes again