So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Just thank god the spillchucker didn’t change it to came on…

No! I can’t go there!


The flapjack game?


All that sent my poor wee heart monitor mad

It started meeping and peeping and trilling in a most pathetic way

Techie nurse shut it up

She removed and replaced the battery

Ain’t technology a great time saver?


Good nights or as best as you can manage, Cellarites.
Soo xx


I do not recommend doing this wivva pacemaker.


Gin, Soo

Sounds as though you need some too, Dunnock

It’s going to be a long nigh



You still awake, Carinthia?

We are having a wet and wild time ovvit - Mr Bee seems unaffected but I have been thoroughly irritated by a neighbour’s security light which keeps flashing on and off and have given up on sleep, for now. Bah!

Soo xx


Yes I am Soo

Vigil Candle is lit




I’ll light my poppy candle in support.
Pitcher? Yes, please.
Soo xx





I have taken a couple of Sominex and shall mosey on up the apples and pears. Thinking about you, Carinthia and Dear Gus, who is also awake.
Soo xx


Hope that you get some sleep Soo




I hope that you are all asleep and having sweet dreams of solicitors with multi coloured backsides after the cellerati have been giving percussive education to his/her bit that they think with

I have been woken to have meds
Including nebulisers so I am doing my best impression of Snaurg

Or Puff

I have a roommate now

A nice lady a golfer and bridge player

So we have huge amounts of common interests

If I could talk

Just think folks a silent me!

Stop cheering at the back


Strewth. Can we at least hang a bell on you so that we know where you’re lurkin’?



That, Twellers, is three roommates. At least.


Noo only one

She tells me all about golf courses and bridge games

I am going to show her leopards :leopard: in return


L’enfer, c’est les autres :wink:


No entiendo


I think that it means ‘hell is other people’, or something of that ilk, Twellsy.
From my point of view, hell is other people’s security lights.
Morning, by the way.
Soo xx


‘An artist who lived in Montmartre
Made improper suggestions to Sartre.
Jean-Paul, with a blow
To his hanging Huis Clos,
Cut his two existentials apartre’