So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Snork, Gus

Am not firing on all cylinders today after 2 hours sleep, so am taking it steady



Sorry you had such a bad night, dear Chatelaine. Very steady is the way to take it. And maybe a glass of something fortifying.

<<< hugs >>>
G xxx


Thanks wee bee

I have been tended to most excellently this morning

Well fed showered hair done and just pampered by nice nurses who know how my routine matters to me

One girl announced she knew that I was in when she climbed stairs as smelled my perfume and loves it

She greeted me with a huge hug

Lunch will be pate and onion jam with a salad

Fresh food cooked in the hospital

The idea is that folks who are well fed will get better sooner

Strange notion that isn’t it?


I’m very glad that you are being so well tended, Twellsy.

It is That Poodle’s third birthday and here she is:

Soo xx


Beautiful, Soo. Happy birthday, Poodle


Tonight … kedgeree, followed by apple pie.

Lovely mutt, soo.


Happy Birthday Happy Poodle!


What a gorgeous poodle :poodle:

How is the DDD doing now


We’ll be seeing Poodle at the end of the month, so I’ll be sure to pass on your compliments and birthday wishes. She is, indeed, a Happy Poodle!

Our dinner has been cauliflower and chickpeas roasted in harissa, honey and chilli flakes with a pangritatta topping and griddled courgette. It was very nice.

Off to watch telly, leaving hugs for Carinthia and best wishes for recoveries from lurgies.

Soo xx


Am here, having a Naice Whaite Waine & Pondering

I had to go to the Post Office late afternoon, so went & sat in the Orsepiss Chapel & Pondered there forrabit before the PO, & thence to the Chip Shop, as I fancied a piece of fish , & couldn’t be Harsed to cook today.

The man who owns the Chip Shop is a Cypriot, of Greek Orthodox faith & was showing me the Photies of the installation of their Noo Archbishop (?) last weekend in Birmingham

We share a love of Glorious Priestly Vestments & Holy Smoke,& he was so delighted about everything that he treated me to Haddock anna few Chips - a kindness today, which almost had me undone

Had an Snoozette after I had eaten,as I have been abit shaky today



Three large cheers for Nice Chip Shop Chap. And also for naice whaite waine.
G xxx


Yes, a lovely gift of kindness from the F&C man. Here’s to a better night of sleep, Carinthia!
I could murder a Naice Whaite Waine, but I am on the wagon in an effort to shed a few pounds (of the adipose variety - me wallet has had a bit ovva fright, recently, due to stocking up on booze for that winter celebration).
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


P.S Just received Poodle’s birthday portrait:

Soo xx


Oh, the poodly gorgeousness of her.
But black dog, white decor - are they mad? For the avoidance of doubt, if I had to choose, I would alter the decor ;- )


The dog will help with that, strand by strand…

[ginnity] because it’s a day of the week wiv an “a” in it


Aren’t poodles pretty* blameless on the shedding front? IIRC the labradoodle was originally bred in an attempt to produce a non-shedding guide / assistance dog for those with allergy issues.

*Could stop right there… :slight_smile:


That is a very good point.

So what happens to their hair? Where does it go? I’m going to worry about that tonight, I know.


Wouldn’t want to be responsible for you losing sleep…

Poodles do shed, but the dead hair remains trapped in the curls of the coat.


So they’re gradually getting thicker coats. Ultimately they will become armadillos, or some such.

Orf to me nest.


Armoured whats???