So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Rather than losing sleep, I am now choking noisily to death, joe. Thanks for that ;- )


Oh well, all I can do is recommend thorough lubrication of the throat…


Stop it.


Er - I was thinking of gin.

Though admittedly, in context…


That’s really good hair. Reminds me of Harriet Walter playing Harriet Vane.


Poodle visits the groomer every 6 weeks - costs a fortune - but she doesn’t shed hairs all over the place. As with most of her breed, she adores being brushed, bathed and generally faffed about with. Our local groomer was happily surprised when, after a thorough shampoo and rinse, Poodle jumped up onto the table for the blow-dry without being asked. Anyway, enough about her and thank you for compliments etc.

Morning, by the way.

Soo xx


Spot on, Janie. And Snork!


Yes - this!
Soo xx


Oh, yeah, I s’pose it is.

There’s some actual blue visible in the sky.

[fryity] [fryity] Proper Breakfast for Twellsy & anyone else as does.



Thank you wee birdie

I am really really breathless today

I blame the weather as it is grey grim wet weather here

Or is it the lack of gin?

The clinic has changed the wifi to a hotspot that drops ye off after half an hour’s rest

The Bull is sorting this with a modem so I have the channels I watch and full time phone and interweb


That izza bit ovva bugga, Twellsy. But at least you are in the right place for being it and can be Looked After.
Wishing you a speedy recovery, dere. And Gin.
G xx


Heard while queuing in the post office: “if it’s full sugar it isn’t in the Meal Deal”.

Greasy crisps and limp lettuce on dyed-brown bread, fine, but Sugar is Evil apparently, even in this small shop that frankly doesn’t care about my state of health as long as I can waddle to the door.


A murrain on 'em, thass wot I say




Blimey, joe, that’s almost a year ago, I’d completely forgotten you’d posted that! I hope it’s not just my memory that’s unreliable.


I remembered the likeness had been mentioned but thought it unkind to draw attention to poor rambling Janie repeating herself ;- )
So another one for the defective memory bench here.

Shall we settle for ‘great minds, etc’? It really is a striking resemblance which, once seen, cannot be unseen.

Love the tale of Poodle at the Hairdresser, btw


I have just experienced an ocular migraine - self-diagnosis. Quite disturbing, all that shimmering and loss of peripheral vision in the affected eye. I decided, while it was occurring, that I really must have a shower and wash my hair as I couldn’t land up in hospital in a mucky state. Thankfully, all symptoms have gone and I am clean.
Soo xx


I hope that you have a seat in your shower, Soo

That sounds most unpleasant



Nope, no seat. I can be a reckless bee, at times, Carinthia.
Soo xx


Urrrk. Unsettling. Pore Bee. Now it has gone, it can stay bloomin’ well gone, we hope.