So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Looks pretty darn good to me, me dere.

Just back from shopping. It would have been a far better experience had I had a death ray.


As in Bill Bryson’s Thunderbolt, or my own Death Stare ?? Bravo.

I also have a switch on my car steering wheel whereby I fire rockets at deserving cars in front of me. Works too. I never see them again. The trick is to avoid the shrapnel.


Sympathy & Empathy, Gus

I have only been up the road to get some flowers* . A drive in the old Epic & Biblical competing with Severial Idiots at Tesco Express


  • The Lad can take me to the Cemetery on Saturday morning,so flowers for 3 graves have been bought, & will be sorted when I have had a rest

TFM,that looks absolutely beautiful



I agree

That scarf is really really lovely


If that is far from perfick, I don’t want to see perfick: it would only discourage me even more…

Heather and the far slopes and the sea, that is. What is the wool?


It is indeed a thing of beauty.


Gosh! I feel I need to take a bow now! You are all much too nice. The colours are lovely though.


It really works. (Makes a Note.)


My idiots were in the Poundstretcher in the godawful little shopping mall (I know, but they at least had baking parchment not feckin’ greaseproof paper, so do not mock) and in Lidl.
But I forgot to tell you all that in Lidl, I acquired a splendid cake lifter. Anyone interested, I’d hurry if I were you. £3.99 and rather nice.

Anyone wishing to make block-and-tackle type jokes re cake-lifting or suggest it is best done by chaps with bulging thews had better have a care and be very careful.

Oh, and a gem from mumsnet, re the technical skills test component of Masterchef: the professionals
“I love [Monica Galeti’s] face when they are given an easy technical and they look like they’ve been asked to fillet a basilisk.”


No one who produced that wonderful jumper - you know the one whereof I speak - need feel discouraged about their knitting abilities. imo.




That surely depends on whether the mass is the result of excessive density or merely Proper Size.

I shall begin by reaching for my #2 weasel.


That scarf is gorgeous, TFM. As I don’t/can’t knit, I can’t comment on anything other than its beauty. I am full of admiration.

Good luck with the flower wrangling, Carinthia xx.

Dinner will be hake, roasted with cherry tomatoes, black olives, pine nuts and basil. Steamed broccoli and Mr Bee will have boiled potatoes.

Soo xx


I know that jumper too

It’s really beautiful

I am third guessing a pattern that seems to have been written in Inca translated to Spanish and translated into Yank before being sold to a daft old bat in Ireland who has few linguistic gifts


Have wrangled & Am Not Pleased

I bought suitably mixed colour roses & lilies for Mr C & his Mother & a bunch of white roses to share, & add to the red roses for BiL & SiL

4 of the white roses were damaged so high up that they are too short for 2 of the vases


I will point this out to them

They will use even numbers too, which drives me mad…

Hey Ho

First World problems



Total empathy.
Soo xx


Grrr. It might be a first-world problem but it is a bluddy annoying one, even at the best of times. And you really don’t need additional embuggerance over these particular flowers, Darling.
<<< hugs >>>


Every time you get an artistic design with a circle of gears, as for example on the original £2 coin, they use an odd number. Which is probably fine if you’re in design school, but not if the gears need to work.


Um… Gears?


Oh yum!

With butter, I hope.