So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I don’t care wot you lot drink as long as it doesn’t get into me beer, vodka, gin, etc.



Swap you a bacon buttie for a hot halfun?


Now, & I don’t do spirits but am constantly amazed by the ongoing flavourisation of vodkas & gins [no, not Scruff]) & would have thought condensed milk enabled versions would be quite a thing.

Alternatively adding a capsuled blob of the stuff.

Don’t tell Toby.


Heave… :nauseated_face:



Yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck. As someone who can’t bear the taste of either milk or anything sweet, this conversation is somewhat nauseating. Yuck again.

That’s more like it.


Yes. I see why sweeted, water-reduced milk would be an issue in your case.


I use evap milk to make kulfi

Condensed milk is used to make bounty alike bars

I am fond of kulfi

Bounty is coconut - I like coconut flavour but I hates desecrated coconut


Armers, behave.


Off out for the day again. Play nicely…


Look after the Fishly Foot, & have summat to eat

I have just come back from doing the shoeboxes with my friend, so will be having an Snoozette Toot Sweet



Fish has departed.
I am in the gazebo
With November rain.


I have been gnursing a poorly friend - I made her up a large amount of my honey orange and lemon drink to help her stay hydrated and get some calories and vitamins into her

She has a dreadful chest infection and I will do all I can to help her stay away from the plague pit

It had ONLY 85 folk on trolleys awaiting beds yesterday and 75 on trolleys so far today…


Twellsy - izzit altogether wise for you to be in close proximity to a person afflicted by a chest infection? Just arskin’…

Afternoon, all.

Soo xx


A mournful Sparrer
Composes gloomy haiku;
Rain drips into gin.




…oh. As you were.


I thought the same thing.


It is probably not wise but I cannot leave a friend who has no family with no food she can keep down for coughing and not at least do some extra soup and my orange/lemon/honey drink so she can rehydrate and get some calories in

I am the sort of PITA who just wanders in does a few bits and buggas off before they are exhausted and need putting to bed


I applaud your kindness, Twellsy. The concern I feel is based upon the gazillions of 'roids you have needed and your already compromised state of health. Don’t mean to nag - I am the sort of PITA who just can’t help doing this.

Soo xx


Soo dear

I know you only worry because you care

I now have grit in my eyes because you care…

Soppy old bat that I am!


Might I suggest a round of medicinals?

We visited a mutual friend, today. He recently suffered a heart attack - at 09.50 in the morning and had been transported to hospital (6 miles), had a stent inserted and was enjoying lunch in Recovery by 12.00. Bluddy marvelous NHS. I have been reminded of the wisdom of keeping dispersible aspirin in the home for first-aid in such situations and shall buy some, tomorrow.

Soo xx