So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?

while (thirsty) {

CAUTION this loop does not exit


Was worried there for a moment, then noticed it didn’t say “exist”…


Mome. Not needed this evening. Foot is fine, I am tired.


Large Medicinals all round?

I think Fishy deserves one for getting 3.1 million voters onto the electoral roll. Possibly not entirely single-finned, but even so. Bravo that Fish and its like

I think I deserve one as I feel as if I am brewing a light case of Death. Probably not the fatal strain. I thought this bug had buggered off: I was wrong.

Strong cases can be made for the rest of you, I am sure. Armers, however, is only allowed c#nd#ns#d m#lk.


I needs gin

I am a bit tired


I’m sorry to read that - not as sorry as you’ll be as its victim, Gus xx. I know that you’ll be alert to the possibility of secondary bacterial infection, so I shan’t mention it. I have been far too interfering, already.

Congrats to That Fish. Yerran example to us all.

Soo xx


I shall be doing it again tomorrow, too. But I think I will take Sunday off…



You have NOT interfered as far as I am concerned

So keep on looking out for us all



Yerss, but perhaps send Mr Wells in with the supplies, yer Daft Bugga

Mr & Mrs Poorly Neighbour used to leave a Bottle of Vodka on my doorstep, which was most acceptable…



I’ll bee looking out for an Unexpected Bottle of Gin on my doorstep, mañana.

With kind wishes to all ovvus who are having to endure ill-health (and with a note to That Fish that Sunday izz very much later in the week than implied and I hope that Too Much Izz Not Being Done), I shall take my buzzy-bodyness off to bed.

Good nights, all,

Soo xx


Arranging fer Gin to be sent Northwards, Dahlink

Friend is doing Shoeboxes again tomorrow. This is too much for my beleaguered hands & feet, so I will try to go on Thursday.

Almost 8,000 boxes have been checked & sealed

There are some Truly Strange Knitted Nats…



That is remarkable. Bravo!


Offended of Gusland



Orf to me nest.


Clambers on broom clutching a satchel

Flies NE

Sets a couple of bottles of nice gin out on a black and yellow striped doorstep

Flies home regretting not wear the thermal flying bloomers


If you fly fast enough, it starts getting warm again…

Yet another blank grey sky today. Not actually raining at this moment, though.



Dear wee birdie

You have fevvers round your nether regions

I do not hence my need for thermal bloomers


I was thinking more along the lines of


My broom achieves a max speed of 30knots with a good following wind

Friction with the air is negligible at that speed

Hmmmm I wonder if a jet engine would up my speed?

And do they do small enuff for broom mounting?


Not sure that a vacuum cleaner would be powerful enuff, Twellsy…



It may be of course that a Truly Modern Witch rides a vacuum cleaner instead of a besom anyway.

Having had me bluds done for Warfarin, I shall be off shortly to do sit-in-the-office things again.