So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I likes me besom - it has sort of worn into the shape of my delicate dainty bum

And the leopards like the bristles to curl up in - like Greebo dear sweet fluffy kittens

Waits for Gus to laugh at my sweet soft gentle leopard lap cats…


I would advise you to try the hoover, Twellsy: that way you will not have to share your transport with leopards.
That the Big Yellow Sucky Monster traumatises the cat is the only reason I do not wield it more frequently. Oh, and if you want to buy a bridge…


Not to mention the occasional Norse goddess translated into Japanese and back.


(Sorry, the image quality is fairly lousy… but you still don’t mess with Urd if you know what’s good for you.)


Mid-afternoon Medicinal, anyone ?



Fine idea.

[pourity] [mixity] [pourity]


It’s a yes from me, Carinthia xx

I await a call from a GP to discuss my latest fasting blood cholesterol result. Sigh.

Soo xx


Yes please, Dahlink.


Are you still feeling awful, Gus ?

I am seeing the Nurse on Friday to discuss my HRT & have my thyroid blood test

It appears from my online list of medication that I need to discuss several of those before they can be reissued.I will try to get an appointment with the Pharmacist at the practice for Fridaytoo,as the Nurse is ‘fitting me in’ & will be too busy to do the lot



Less awful than I expected, hurrah! But still A Bit Crap.
Have to go to post office now andguess what - it’s hissing it down.


Here too,& so Bluddy dark


Take care



“This one helps me stay happy. You wouldn’t want me to be unhappy, would you? I mean, my hand might just slip on this lever, and… ah well, you’re young and healthy, I’m sure that’ll heal in a few months won’t it?”


A bad day for well known people … assuming you know of them.

Gary Rhodes, tv chef dies, it seems just of dying at present. Aged 59. An early exponent of both spikey hair and tv cheferry of the modern type.


Clive James. Aged 80, after a 9 year battle with Leukaemia. He took, several years ago, to predicting his demise. A great, low volume wit, film & tv crtic and professional cynic. Only on Saturday his name was the answer to a crossword clue. I was a little taken aback that his ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ was published in 1980. His description of childhood in a Sydney suberb had me weeping with laughter back then.

Margarita Pracatar will be devastated.

RIP to both.


Jonathan Miller too

It’s been a bitovvan day…



Not seen that. Wow, isn’t it just.


Should make for a lively time on Stiff of the Week (Last Word, if you insist)


RIP Clive. He wrote the lyrics to almost all the Pete Atkin songs I occasionally post.

Unreliable Memoirs was the first book of his autobiographical tomes, I think. Yup. There is also Falling Towards England in 1985, May Week Was In June in 1990, North Face of Soho in 2006, and The Blaze of Obscurity (which I have never actually seen) in 2009.

But of all the things of his that I have, I most prize his Other Passports : poems 1958–1985. It contains the wonderful “The Book of my Enemy”, among other gems.

Memo to self: If I happen across it, must buy his Collected Poems 1958–2015 just in case it has something that splendid in it.


His serious reviews - I don’t mean the Observer TV ones, though I had all the Picador collections of those at one time - critical essays and commentary were always compelling reads.


Is advertised on Amazon for £9.99
… on ebooks for £6.99

Also on Amazon, prices from £25, new, to under £10, pre-read.




zz snrk huh wha

tseep flamin’ tseepity tseep

buggrit where’s me gin