So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Morning, all. It’s another wet one.

I have managed to swerve statins. Do any of you take such medicine?

Off to see Ken Loach’s latest, this arvo.

Soo xx


Me, me, me. It’s all about me.

I have taken them gor a while. Along with others for diabetes (fat git type) & blood pressure (which is consistently 80/120 & has never been a problem) and cholesterol (which is 4.1 & has never been a problem).

I have absolutely NO idea which tablet does what. I just take them.


BiL was prescribed statins 8 years ago, & stopped taking them as he had so much joint pain. I noticed a change in personality too. The symptoms took a good 3-4 years to subside.

3 years ago another GP in the practice prescribed a different sort, which suited him better, but by then there were other problems.

Have a wonderful time this afternoon.



There’s much less pressure to give statins to everyone since the main one came out of patent protection. Funny that.

For some people they are great. For others they cause endless problems.


I got all sorts of interesting nasties from them, and refused to take them after three months.

I was told they were to lower my cholesterol, which had not actually been tested. When they finally got round to testing my cholesterol levels several months after that, they were “dangerously low”, so my having given up the statins was probably a good thing.


Thank you for your helpful replies. My cholesterol levels are fairly high (6.1 in total, but with a very good level of HDL, I’m told) so I shall just tackle this with diet and exercise for now. An uncle of mine, who had been an enthusiastic hill-walker, was unable to walk up stairs after a fortnight on statins. This took a while to resolve. Two friends have piled on weight since taking them…I take your point about the patents, Hedgers. As with Fishers, I shall do my Own Thing.

Enough about me, already. How is everyone else?

Soo xx


The first time BiL was put on them,I am convinced that it was to fill a quota, part of a blanket drive to get as many people as possible on them. His cholesterol level wasn’t measured at the time either.



There was one proseletysing idiot a few years back – actually he may still be around for all I know – who wanted the entire population, everyone over the age of twelve, to be put on statins for life.


And while cholesterol levels are to some extent predictive of heart attacks, they aren’t predictive of overall mortality or morbidity - people with low cholesterol have fewer heart attacks, but they don’t live any longer, they just die of other things.


I remember reading that, Fishers :roll_eyes: I didn’t, however, remember the start time for the film (13.00) and I’m too late. Sigh.

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Oh, bah. Sorry for having distracted you.


Oh Soo

Would Gin help?



I am glad of the distraction - as ever! There is another showing tomorrow morning, so we’ll go then.

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Yes, Darling. It would.

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A friend posts:



I’m orff to Morpeth to buy cards and stamps.

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Y’see, this is my view about a host of medical advances. We’re all going to croak sooner or later. Hopefully later, but only if the extended time is generally healthy time. I certainly don’t want to be kept from the Grim Reaper only to go ga-ga whilst hiding from him.

Basically, I’d like to die whilst in good health.


Late MiL , who died aged 89 always said that she wanted to ‘wake up dead’

I know exactly what she meant…



Any attempts to increase life-expectancy at the population level are a Very Bad Idea, imo.


I just woke up after a lovely long nap and an even better dream…

We had just bought a new house. Only quite a small house, two storeys but with a low pitched roof with one dormer window in it. It had a wonderful innovation - a slide built into the roof leading down from the window, so that you could climb out of the window and slide all the way down to the garden. Which was what we were taking turns to do…