So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?



Oh, Fishy…?


Er - you didn’t happen to notice any smoke, by any chance?

Which reminds me…


Absolutely brilliant, Joe.

I went to do the shoeboxes for 2 hours, came home, & slept for almost 3!

On the way home, I bought cheap carrots, so carrot & coriander soup will be made, possibly with the addition of ginger.



I had a terrific crush on Dave Allen.

You have been very industrious, Carinthia. How are you doing?

Where’s Twellsy?

Soo xx


Hands are bad so using the Chopper & Wazzer for the soup.



Pore Chatelaine.
Medicinal, Dahlink? The soup sounds lovely < hint, hint >


Sossinge Stoo 'ere.

[happy erpity]

And I went to open the door to the Nest and there was a nasty cracking noise and the handle went a bit limp (just after 8pm when all the DIY places shut of course) so tomorrow we shall have to sort that out.

Well, the Fish will probably sort it single-finned, being good at that sort of thing. I shall pour Minnow Ends and applaud.


Will you be able to get out & do the Bin(s), Dunnock?

It’s the Black one here, so no difficulty with the Negligible

The soup is wonderful, & the inch of ginger blitzed with it is exactly right



Soup sounds gorgeous, Carinthia. Hopefully the addition of ginger might relieve the inflamation.
Soo xx


The door-handle (which is internal) has been removed, and a bit of string threaded through the hole in the door so that it can be pulled open or shut as needed.

It was a fair division of labour: I dismantled the lock, Hedgers threaded the string.


It certainly doesn’t do any harm, Soo



If it were our front door, I’d still remember how to take it off its hinges…



Sparrer & Bros.
For all your unhinging needs.

Look dead natty on a van, would that.


Nice idea, but I think I’m unhinged enough…


What in the sodding blue blazes…
I just heard a milk float and associated clinkage of bottles. Is the entire street haunted or just my ears?


Something there is that does not love a lock.

Watch the wall, my darling, while the stealth milkmen go by?



Morning all


Or was it…

Just the milkman?

Or do you not have one? If not, why not?


Not very usual in these parts, ever since they stopped being able to deliver before people had gone out to work. (Really they were doomed once fridges and supermarkets had come in, and the milk could be bought along with other shopping.)


My milkman cannot supply milk until Spring when the ladies calve

Instead I was given an entire peacock’s tail as he moulted it…

A bit of fun with a trilby - like hat that I got in Primark for the vast sum of one whole euro a glue gun and some peacock fevvers at crafty group yesterday mean I have a splendid titfer