So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I have a rather splendid peacock fevver clip for my best black Nat which was bought from Poison Ivy Accessories & Jewellery.

They do wonderful Steampunk stuff, including beard jewellery


I don’t have a beard… do shoe clips wiv peacock fevvers

Just sayin’




I may be some time…


There wuz a Yellow Warning of Ice this morning.

No ice, but there is a gurt crane across the road.

Why can’t we have a Yellow Warning of Crane, eh?


Very heavy frost here this morning, and, as every leaf on the street appears to be on my very short drive, it could be interesting underfoot



It’s cold, but bright and still here.

Orff to the flicks.

Soo xx


Crawford Howard had a poem about that

One line is

The shape of this freak

Was a bloody great leek

It had stacks of wee legs round the bottom

The place where a leek would have roots

And even more shocking the legs all wore stockings

And some of them big welly boots!

A fabulous writer of pomes/songs in the trad style


I wish I could remember more of the poem…


I got some Crocs “Offroad Sport” clogs in their latest sale. Planning to go out some time soon and see how well they cope with our local mud and such.

Carinthia asks me to post this peacockness:


That is gorgeous

Mine is clumsy - just the hatband overlaid with the eyes of the feathers and a couple of small ones at an angle

I might get the Bull to take a photo and show you all…


Beautiful, and very elegant.


Not clumsy at all, Twellsy

It’s all about creating an effect

The couple who own Purple Poison Ivy are Rellies of an MLer, & make wild & wonderful things, & the peacock clip appealed to me. They also did/do a white one, for weddings, which was/is gorgeous.

There have been some very good offers on Crocs recently,&, if you choose the tread carefully, they can be really practical


The originals were very slippery,& an MLer from the BBC Board, now on Peets sustained a catastrophic ankle injury whilst out feeding the birds in her garden…


ETA there is an offer on Wine/Fizz/Champagne in Sainsburys ATM. 25% orff 6 Bottles


I might add some more :eyes: to the hat and a few stitches to persuade feathers to sit up and wave to the peacock who donated them


They curl up nicely with steam, Twellsy, but with your eyesight & track record I would be careful

And Very Afraid… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Ooo I could use the steam cleaner with the small head on it

I have now got lots of ideas for curly peacock fevvers

Yes I am a daft old bag

But I cannot be accused of being a career moaning Minnie

I try to be cheerful and laugh at my problems

My hat is going to be displayed to friends at the last rally of the year today so I will be in jeans rugby shirt and hat with multi coloured ankle boots with a blue/black hat with peacock fevvers

Tres chic n’est pas?

Sorry Gus it’s a while since I did O level French…


You could use your steam iron if it does vertical steaming

They don’t need to be steamed under massive pressure,just wafted in & out & encouraged to curl



I am not the French language’s bodyguard or nanny, Twellsy dere: mangle it as you wish.


No, I don’t have a milkman

I don’t drink milk, take my tea black and abominate cornflakes and allied substances. Milk purchases probably average out at a pint a month and often half of that is wasted.


But you at least can speak the language

I was never good at furrin

How I got any O levels is a miracle

And A levels too

Much to my teachers’s amazement


Here today the car was in a block of ice. I ran the engine & window heater (yes, what would Greta think ?) & this was AFTER that, on the roof.


Blimey Armers

The sunshine is fighting through the filthy windows here, & I can see cobwebs