So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Eating People Is Wrong a bad thing to be caught at.


But Yon Bull is beef pure bee…


A stinging bull?




Gawds, Twellsy. I hope you’ll not be making a dessert of me…

Carinthia - there izza small and not very exciting package for you at no. 3 xx

We’ll be off to Edinburgh, tomorrow morning. Quality time with That Poodle and then out for lunch. Having been well and truly *Loached, this morning, we’ll be grateful for the diversion.

*That’s Loached, not Poached, Twellsy.

Soo xx


Time for bed.
Good nights, all.
Soo xx


Avva good buzz to Poodleland.

Orf to me nest.


Gin fer both of you?




That’s a very handsome Birdie, Dunnock

Am at last going to the hairdresser ,tomorrow

My last haircut was in Carinthia on September 17th,so itizz ‘more than ready’, as we say here



It the bird playing pan pipes ?


Or vice versa?…


This morning we have, just for a change, frost ‘n’ fog.



This morning proper brekkie with black AND white puddens and sossiges and eggs cooked to order happened

It was bluddy gawjus

My waistline will expand but who cares?



We had bright sunshine & a very heavy frost until 11am

Now we have fog & a very heavy frost & 1deg

Twirl Twirl



Ver’ fine, o Chatelaine.


Very smart, Dahlink. But it would be considered cruel to shear a sheep in this weather.


Yerss, it would

I last had my hair cut on September 17th, so there was enuff on the floor to stuff a cushion…

I look more like me though



Was going to go into town this afternoon, but am knackerated, so will go tomorrow, instead.

Tomorrow will be the last day of the Christmas Tree exhibition, which is lovely.



I like the sound of a Christmas Tree Exhibition, but isn’t closing it more than three weeks before Christmas itself a little sad?