So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I can fly

too. Like a dragonfly.


I fly like a drunken bumble relly of our Soo


My favourite sort.
Although, I once turned my coat collar against possible recognition when a beloved, large, rellie was turned out of a pub by a Landlady more diminuitive than I. Ugh.

Brown birds? I’m goin’ in.
I’m not, really.
Soo xx


I see that tomorrow is National/International Gin Day…

I’ll leave that there, & check The Cupboard

I had an appointment in town at 3pm, Soo, & the residents free parking in certain open car parks doesn’t start until 3pm.

Itizz still raining…



Well, I hope that it was for a manicure or summick nice and not for blood results or summick mundane like that.

Soo xx


Gawds, do I have to hunt for the antidote again?


Every day is Gin Day in Sparrerland…


It was mundane, Soo


I appear to have sorted the problem about seeing my blood test results online, the next problem is that they are not yet through… :rofl:

Hey Ho



I am moving to Sparrerland wee. Birdie

I will feed wee Birdies in exchange for gin


Such a Cellar Tart, Twellsy.

I have an early start, in the morn, So I shall proffer something to erase earworms (joe!) and leave you relaxed for a Good Night of Sleep. It’s Tom Waits, but not singing, this time:

Soo xx


Have a Bottle of The Good Stuff to take with you, Dear

There are others who seem to like the tanker stuff…





Where’s the beef?
Room for more than one poet on this earth, I do declare.
Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


G’night, bee.




TSEEP! [peckity] [peckity] [peckity] [peckity][peckity][peckity]



Off to Auld Reekie, in pouring rain.
Soo xx


As it is Saturday I have fresh bread rolls stuffed with pork apple and black pudding sossiges on offer


Another side to Tom Waits, especially for anyone who might be suffering from a dog-shaped hole in their lives:


I have to go out & buy Gin…

It is DiL’s Birthday on Monday, & I have bought her a rather splendid Gin glass, so I had better get the Gin to go innit



Ooo do you want any tasters with you dear one