So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


No thank-you, Dear…

I know what she likes :wink:



Ach I tried to be helpful


I know, I know

You should be popped up on yer own Gin today, to celebrate Gin Day



“Ruin a Mother today!”


That’s not something you read every day. I just did a search on your museum and Google said - I feel somewhat reproachfully - ‘Safe search will be on for future searches’. As if I’d tried to do something naughty. Is there something you’re not telling us?


It has an anatomical ‘meaning’ ascribed to it in the Urban Dictionsry, not that I’ve ever heard it used in the wild, and I like to think I am well versed in Filf as a rule.
But why do you have nanny controls in a minor-free household? Heidi, being a cat, has no innocence to preserve.


A Kipper Museum sounds an unexpected delight.

Southport has a lawnmower museum

Bruges has a Light Bulb museum.


It’s my own innocence I’m trying to preserve. Perhaps ‘preserve’ is not the right word, but if yer not careful, images which will sear your eyeballs can pop up.

Good point about Heidi, however.


Mrs Shanks, surprisingly, wouldn’t countenance any other kipper than a Manx one.

I cook then in butter & drench it in lemon whilst cooking. Served with buttered door-stop slices of tin-loaf.

The oven hood on high setting, windows & doors open. … & expect the kitchen to still smell of it for days.


I have long suspected our Armers of being something ovvan epicure.


I can’t even think of consuming kippers

They’re fish


Well that would certainly make the Kipper Museum interesting.

Yum. The more butter the better, with kippers.


Most English words seem to have meanings either anatomical or scatological in the Urban Dictionary, as far as I can make out.

This doesn’t mean they have ever been used in that way, just that someone thought of it and added them, getting some friends to do so as well.

I can see myself aged about fourteen doing exactly that.


Not still thinking of anatomical usages, I trust?

Anyone else remember Radio Active?

I thought everybody knew coq au vin was a recipe with chicken and I can’t be held responsible for what has happened to your husband


I have, more or less, survived Lidl this afternoon

I know that itizz Gin Day, but I would like Vodka

Lots ovvit





Raspberry vodka?


You beat me to the suggestion. A very fine idea, imo. Likely to perk a Chatelaine up no end.


Oh yes

That would be perfect




Yes please, me too. Feeling a bit low this evening so that might be just the thing.


Let there be raspberry vodka!

(I am making some more at the moment, too.)