So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Speed would appear to be of the essence, Dere ;- )

Sorry to hear that.

Vodkas, many and varied, strike me as the way forward. Tactical rather than strategic, obvs. We’re reprobates rather than total dipsos, after all



Can’t we be both?


Oh phew. Yes, we can. Out (cold, often) and Proud. I shall drop me respectable front. Wotta relief.


Strangled Snork !

The Raspberry Vodka wot Fishy makes is wonderful, TFM - not too sweet, but full of the flavour of inebriated raspberries



Bin forra walk on the ex railway track. There will be much editing of maps. Did meet someone coming the other way who asked worriedly whether she could get out at the far end, and I was able to show her where I’d got in.



Where is the gin?

All I see in the cellar is massed ranks of vodka

On GIN day

Tsk tsk


Hiding round the back until it can find a True Connoisseur to be drunk by.

[genteel sippity]

[sippity] [sippity] [sippity][sippity][sippity]


Muscles in on the Gin Bench (inna feebly-beebly way, as per).

We had a Good Time in Embra. Gorgeous Greek food, happy company and lots of snozzings and cuddles from That Poodle. Usual minor irritation from the others that she responds to a quiet ‘no’ and a point of an index finger from me to settle down. I’m not a dog-whisperer, but Poodle can never know that she is very much stronger than I am (physically).

Inspired as I am by Hedgers’ ‘pointless walkies’, I’ll march a route, tomorrow, regardless of weather. You heard it here, first.

Soo xx


Do they do a Juniper & botanicals Vodka ?


No, dere Bee, 'course yer not.

Resident Eejit imagines he is a Human Whisperer, though. He talks to me in the night. No idea what the wee fecker is on about, mind, he just makes occasional conversation.


I am seriously thinking about a walk along the banks of the Thames, tomorrow. It’s a bit of a way to get to it, but the walk is lovely. I shall encourage the taking of Pictures.


Sounds like a Good Idea, Fishers. I can see nowt wrong with driving out to a walk.

I don’t know how you cope, Gus, being notoriously bad-tempered on being awoken.

Soo xx


I was not feckin’ ASLEEP. Again.

I tend to object to cats less than to other lifeforms anyway.And am bad-tempered as default setting.


The old track bed:


That’s what endears you to me, Gus.
Mr Bee wants to watch Spring Watch, but with me. Ah, well - I’ll tek me Gin.

Soo xx


Shpeak for yershelf


Normally, I prefer gin. On gin day, I choose vodka. This is because, at heart, I is a rebel.

If you want me to do something, the best way to make sure I will do it is to tell me it is not allowed. The second best way is to tell me to do the opposite.

At school, I was not a teachers’ favourite.


She can’t.
Pissed as tailholes, tried to feed me broccoli just now, for Mog’s sake.

Can you help me with getting her rehomed?

Mikhail Mikhailovitch Koshka, R.I.


Tsk! Irresponsible owner. A Gus is for life not just for dinner time.


So, DiL has the following, packed into an hessian bag :

1 large Gin glass, or ‘Coupe’, as itizz described on the box, painted wiv Juniper leaves & berries
1 Bottle of Hortus London Gin 40%
4 Small Bottles of Tonic Water
1 Lemon
1 Lime
1 Pkt of Ice-cube Bags