So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Gotta nother hessian bag, Mistress Carinthia? They is highly clawable. MMK (RI)


Not 'arf bad, that.

Why would you need four ovvem? Not planning to open them I trust?



Not I, Dunnock

DiL likes a bit of sparkle with her Gin

I haven’t yet introduced her to Slammers…



I have always been bemused by the Fever-Tree tagline, which begins:

"If ¾ of your drink is the mixer…"

And really ought to end:

“…I certainly didn’t pour it.”


The Embra contingent gave me a bottle of Tanqueray Rangpur, which I’ll appreciate for its orangey (and ginny) qualities, during dry spells in the Cellar (azzif).

I rather like gin with soda and a citrus fruit, of some sort. I don’t think that makes me any more ovva bad bee than I usually am. Well, that prolly makes no sense at all, but I know what I meant.
Soo xx


I forgot to mention that Lidl have a pack of 10 Deluxe Sossinges on offer for £2-49

95% British Outdoor-reared Pork

RSPCA Approved

Red Tractor Approved

Soo, Dearest, you may drink your Gin with wotevva you please

Twellsy likes Bitter lemon in hers

I like Elderflower Cordial in Vodka & it does wonders for cheap Fizz

Just a few drops, & not too sweet , as I don’t do sweet & thick drinks



TFM - I hope that the low feeling lifts, a bit. Nothing your daft bee can say will help, but I wish you a peaceful night of sleep.

Mwah! With whom is a given, of course :wink:

Good nights, Cellarites,
Soo xx


Let’s enjoy this, together:

Soo xx


Bliss, Soo

Absolute Bliss…



So itizz, Carinthia. Best dreams.
Soo xx


“Feed the Cellar, Five Bob a Sossidge”?
pigeons optional


I suspect pigeons don’t make for good sossinge.



Thank you soo. I’m still standing - well sitting down, with a cup of tea, but you know what I mean.


Yes, I do. I’ll join you with the tea. Would you like some lemon cake? SiL made it for me and, though delicious (he’s a Very Good Cook), there is a lot ovvit.
Soo xx


That sounds good soo, very good. Thanks, eating cake has to be better than ploughing through an online supermarket order, which is what I’m s’posed to be doing.


Morning all

Ulster fry goodies on chafing dishes

Help yourselves do

Eggs done to order so they do not offend delicate souls


[Happy peckity] onna lazy Sunday morning.


I am being lazy too now. I’ve finished the supermarket order and am salivating from the smell of the beef & guinness casserole OH made earlier which is now in the slow cooker. I cannot be expected to wait until this evening to eat it. It is inhumane.


It is hailing here!

Instead of absorbing Vitamin D on the terrace I am glumly watching the precipitation bouncing around!


I am told that my raspberry vodka in cheap Fizz is a pretty good drink, too.