So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Of course it is, Fishy, because it’s a ‘clean’ taste it ‘lifts’ anything itizz mixed with



I’ll have anything mixed with anything, thanks. Presently trying to find a cottage for rental at Christmas time that will sleep eight, is Dog-friendly and is near to a rail station (given that four of our number won’t be driving). It’s doin’ ma heid in. Best to go forra walk, maybe.
Soo xx


Where do you want to be, Soo ?

The place we stayed at in Caerleon fits the brief beautifully, but may be too far



Prolly somewhere near Berwick or Amble. This izza possibility:

It will be one heck ovva logistical nightmare, wherever it izz and it’ll be down to me to plan/organise, you can bet. It’s already making me feel feek ‘n’ weable. Fresh air, methinks.

Soo xx


That looks lovely, Soo

Apparently,‘ours’ was an AirBnB property, with the owners living next door



Nooooo! That way madness lies, dere Bee.


You’re telling me, Gus. However, I may just do it and be damned. It won’t be anywhere near as easy as hosting in the Hive, will cost squillions…ugh. Neither of the Grannies are alive and we pitched the celebrations just right for them. Maybe a change will be a Good Thing. I’ll bore off.

Soo xx


Forgive my bah-humbuggery, Soo. I’m an unsociable sod, mostly.
:poodle: though!


Yes, :poodle:. A definite plus.
Soo xx


Don’t apologise for trying to bring me back to my senses, Gus. It’s just that they left the building a long time ago.

Soo xx


A perfect home for the Cellar:

Also, well, never mind.


The only cavil I would have about that cottage over Christmas, Soo, is one bathroom between eight people. I would need to be assured that there was a separate lavatory, at least.


i would share that concern but there appear to be en suites too


Soo can you tell your Irish relatives that my hair is not loaded with nectar and pollen?

I am happy to have them around just not waltzing up and down my hair



They are just checking you out to see if you’re a flower, Twellsy. Has the sun emerged, then?

Fishers, the idea of one bathroom between eight would send me running for the hills (with me legs crossed)!

Thank you for the suggestions, Armers. Our final choice must be very near to Alnmouth or Berwick rail stations, as Mr Bee will need to drive to and fro for two + Poodle (from Embra) and one each from London and Bexhill-on-Sea, unless taxis are feasible. Imagine departure day! Or don’t. Enough of this.

Did you manage a walkie along the Thames, Fishers?

Soo xx


Soo the sun appeared and I was hammocking I am now cooking on the BBQ on the terrace in the sun


Have I mentioned being a sun lover?


You may have done this, Twellsy :wink:

Soo xx


You really should have chosen your birthplace more carefully then, dere ;- )



We have join the dots summer

We grab the sun when it appears