So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


[tsssss] owie owie hot?


Yes indeed; it was between the camera and the house in the picture Hedgers posted.

And we saw what I think may have been a pair of Egyptian Geese messing about on the river.


Oooh, splendid.


I am a truly fick bee.

We’re aren’t likely to see Egyptian Geese up here. Bit jealous.

Soo xx


Not as fick as the ones in Twellsy 's barnet.

Not bonnet, note: barnet.


Having started in Norfolk about three hundred years ago and not been terribly successful, they got loose from someone’s ornamental lake onto the Thames in about 1900 and have been trying to spread out ever since; they seem to have made it as far as the Humber, so you may yet get them in your neck of the woods.


Hmm, first assumption: a barn belonging to, or named after, Pip. But, no apostrophe so I conclude it must be a barn for storing pips. Apple pips, perhaps.

It has been sunny enough for Twellsy here all day today. It is almost always sunny here as soon as TT is actually finished, odd that. We have had a lovely walk by the sea hoping to spot basking sharks as they have been back for a little while but no luck.


How lovely to have the possibility though, TFM.

Moroccan-style cauliflower and green olive tagine has been cooked and, largely, enjoyed. The recipe is from my birthday cookbook and, while I appreciate that this is for those with alium allergies (how awful would that be?), I must amend the ingredient list to include garlic, at least. Well, it ‘filled a hole’ as some might say and I’ll scrawl amendments in the margin as it definitely has potential.

Soo xx


Cold Roast Pork here, & then defrosted fruits of the forest* with Greek yoghurt

*For some reason, with frozen grapes innit



An unusually grapey forest?

Orf to me nest.


Slightly worrying approach to elfin safety in the hotel…


This morning we has rain. Not good fun go out in it and get soaked rain, but nasty spitty come back dripping rain.




Bacon butties and fresh loaves on the table

We has sun here


It is sunny here too. You clearly need to go West, young dunnock.



Have we just sent our weather east?


Er, um, can’t work that out. You had hail yesterday? It was sunny here all day and is s’posed to be again today. Rain is forecast for tomorrow. Is it going east, or west, or going round in circles?


I have thought a little more (which is hard for me) and realised that the weather would be going round in circles whatever, since if it was going east (or west) it would eventually get back to where it started. And that is a circle, innit?


Bright here ATM, but the forecast is for rain this afternoon, when I am going to a funeral at the Crem. I will call & see DiL on the way back, it’s her Birthday today



I know someone who got a hotel closed for a couple of hours for blocking a fire-exit, until they had definitively cleared it. Mind you, that was in Blackpool just after three firemen had been killed in a fire, so she had a lot of sympathy from the Powers That Be.



Hail yesterday morning and sun in the afternoon

Then rain overnight and sun this morning

Now clouding over Bah Humbug