So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Happy Birthday to DiL, Carinthia and hopes that the funeral is as good as it can be for all involved.

We have sun and a gentle breeze, so definitely walkies this arvo. I have made the lucky discovery of King Scallops in the freezer (Mr Bee hates these, as they remind him of fat) so dinner will be quick and easy - scallops and king prawns, fried in butter, red chillies and garlic on a balsamic reduction, mixed salad and olive bread for him. I’ll have all the scallops, natch.

Soo xx


The Met. Office has just upgraded from a Yellow Warning to an Amber Warning. I think I am now supposed to be terrified. Instead, off out for a walk when the washing is done.


If it’s the rain I had to drive in yesterday, I wouldn’t advise it (and I speak as a confirmed ceraunophile)



Terror is for red warnings


And the rain has appeared exactly on cue


Orff shortly



Yeah. Amber is “too heavy to be comfortable, but not enough to be interesting”.


Redis the horizontal stuff driven by an 80 mph mean speed breeze!

And tthe fun is watching eejits try to use brollies in that!


Bin forra stroll in the sog.


I am happily hammocking in the blazing sun



Epic & Biblical Rain before & after the Service


Had a nice catchup with DiL, who is frilled wiv her very own Gin glass

And Gin…



Round here it is traditional English good-for-the-crops sort of rain. Still don’t particularly fancy being out in it.


Dunno if what we have here is ‘organised’ rain, but it’s certainly persistent. One might go so far as to call it diligent, or even assiduous.

Sent from under the Resident (purring) Idiot


I am waiting for the goldfish to start planning for world domination again; the water in the Goldfish Palace is rising.

Poor loves don’t realise that what happens when they swim out over the top will be fatal to them, I suspect. So I bail it out when it gets too close to the top.

Someone I know had a goldfish tank behind the sofa in their living-room and one day when they were sitting watching telly they suddenly found a goldfish in their lap. They got a top for the tank after that.


Right who sent funder and frightning???

I am not amused,


Send it here! We like thunder and lightning.


So do I

But not when I have only just lit the BBQ!


Rain to the left of me, thunder to the right
Here I am stuck in the middle with sun.


Calm and sunny here. We walked along the seashore - blue sea, white mini-breakers, Skylarks and all sorts of wild flowers to see. Only one Cinnabar moth, but it’s a sign of early summer. Our weather is set to turn foulish, tomorrow, so I’ll write a shopping list.

Soo xx


Flotation aids
Small raft
Captain’s biscuits


Snorkles ?