So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


What, not a full-blown adult Snork? I’m mortified ;- )










Sodomy’s off.

We’ve got spam, spam, spam, rum and spam…?


What’s the louse situation like, do you know?

Meanwhile, as the waters burble merrily down the road and the cat sulks, I am constructing paprikás csirke, which will contain uncanonical mushrooms* and be nothing like as good as the Ma’s version.

*very good at this time of year if you knows where to find 'em.


Sossinges wiv Garlic Mash & Mushroom/Onion Gravy here.

Ready in 10 minutes



Oooer. And possibly also ‘missus’. I predict an influx of Dunnock and others, tapping pathetically upon your windowpane about, erm, now-ish.


I am too full for easy flyin’. That Fish knows why.

Gimme ten minutes.


But will said Fish tell us what Deliciousness it was?


Might yer bee have this for brekkers?

I have taken note of the Very Useful shopping lists :grin: and must say - no, I must - that Paprika Chicken is high on my list of very desirable meals, wot I hardly ever have, so that’s lunch taken care of.

Spring Watch calls, to one of our number, so I’ll pour myself a Tanqueray Rangpur (pressie) with soda and tappy-lappy off.

Soo xx


Dere Bee, should the opportunity ever arise, thattiz what I shall feed you. Canonical or wiv fungus depending on yer Beely whim.

Enjoy yer Gin.
‘Does she have it delivered by Tanker?’


It was this:

Recipe for Pork Hocks (Schweinshaxe)

I didn’t have any juniper berries, so I didn’t put them in. And I didn’t give it quite long enough under the grill, so it wasn’t entirely crunchy, but I have never made it before and only did it because there were a pair of pork hocks in Makro with a short sell-by and a reduced price a couple of months ago, and they were in the way in the freezer yesterday so I took them out. 2.042kg pork hocks @ £3.19/kg, reduced to £5.

We had pickled red cabbage with it.


Meep! Sounds utterly gorgeous.


Knuckle sandwich, anyone?


Them’s usually a Special Order Fishy, because they take so long to cook. I have had them both ‘soft simmered’ & crunchy ( finished orff in the oven).
Usually served with dumplings & sauerkraut, which I don’t like, I think that pickled red cabbage is a much nicer alternative.



If I had thought I would have known you’d know them of old!

I didn’t have any sauerkraut, but I did have a jar of pickled red cabbage, so that was that.


All that said…

[feeble bedraggled tappity tappity on the Carinthial Winder]


Much better, IMO, Fishy

A meal for 2 to share, with any leftovers taken home in Doggy/Dunnock Bags… :wink:

In Austria they are called Stelzen rather than Haxen, & are very popular.

If our campsite friends ever pre-ordered them at the Gasthaus, they would take Tupperware containers or lidded casseroles with them, so that Lunch for the next day was secured.



Taking a Dunnock would have been less faff.

Ah, but also less Lunch ;- )


Quite a bit less, I dare say. One does like a secure lunch…now I feel mean.

Soo xx