So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


Morning all


Mornin’ Twellsy. What’s our wevver going to be like later?


Here we have north winds with thunder storms coming from the east

So what can we expect wee bee?

Bacon sossige and eggs for them as wants it

Fresh crusty bread on the side to wipe plates and ensure no flavour is missed


Dere wee birdie

I have some gopher wood and a cubit ruler spare to my requirements

Would the cellar like a Nark?

With a nice warm fishy tank under cover on the deck…


Just bin having an amusing hour getting Barclays to do their job.

Well, it amused me. I’d brought a book and a bottle of water.

As for arks, we can always convert one of the tankers…


Steady on, Old Bean! We need maximum capacity, y’know.

It is cold, dull and windy. The gusts have ripped the petals from my white poppy, sob.

Soo xx


Same here, Soo

I am waiting forran 'phonecall, & then may take meself back to bed for a couple of hours.I seem to have hit the buffers abit today



Sympathy, Carinthia. You did quite a bit yesterday, I imagine.
Soo xx


Well, I was planning to have the Gin Hall and the Vodka Hall, because there’s allus a bit of a reminiscent waft…

The convoy of full tankers is for UNREP.


We were greeted by this monstrosity last week:

Very glad to see it was just a bit of nonsense for fun, as apart from the abandoned petrol pumps having been sprayed gold, the place is back the way it was :sunglasses:


I think the facilities such as “Golden Showers” and “Covefe Café” should have given it away!


I sort of had to explain golden showers to the poor innocent Bull!

Life as a peeler meant I was exposed to a lot of seedy phrases


Oh, is that seedy now?

(Recalibrates for politer society.)


I think the practice is.

Think of the laundry.


That’s what I meant dear Fishy


Stoppit at once! I am sniggering uncontrollably!
Soo xx


It’s quite hard to stop once you’ve started. Or so I’ve heard, Soo :- )



As far as sniggering goes (never all the way, tbh) once I start, I can become an embarrassment. Mainly to myself, as Mr Bee takes advantage of this weakness, at times.

Anyhoo. The burglar alarm izz playing funny beggas and The Man will come to sort it out, in the morn. It was shrieking and clanging on our return from Tesco and the two people who might have informed me by 'phone are both now as deaf as an adder. Time to make new friends.

Soo xx


At least it wasn’t calling the filth, Soo.

Never really saw the point of that. I mean, they already know someone’s breakin’ down me Bruvver’s door, ‘cos it’s them wot’s doin’ it.


I once reported a burglar alarm going off to the police, every ten minutes for a whole night, because that was when it was doing it.

They did frod all about it, but they had to log it every time.