So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


They probably had a word in the keyholder’s she’ll like Fishy

BBQ Ed sweetcorn has been had here

Buggers now cooking

Early start to see the eye specialist and have my lack of sight measured



A proper Constable sky


Meanwhile, here the sun has still been shining all day. I must be very righteous.

Or maybe not.


The “see” bit is a reassuring start.


It has rained for most of the day today


I didn’t go back to bed after the 'phonecall, but I did manage to sort 1 or 2 things, so that’s good

The printer, wot I haven’t used for a while seems to have gorn on strike


I may threaten it, & try again tomorrow

Have we got Slammers?




Slammage in abundance, Dahlink, fret you not.
Tell the little bleeder, in detail, what you intend to do to its most intimate circuitry, and how slowly, then switch it off to have a good old think to itself overnight.

Would you care for a small Toner as a chaser, Dere?


Smack its bum & switch it orff, you say ?

Will do
Yes please to Toner…



Sound advice.

Wot’s a toner? Apart from printer ink, that is.

Soo xx


Er well, it’s a sort of rinse to add a tinge of a different unnatural colour to chemically abused hair, sometimes: but mainly ittiz printer-fodder, and I have thrust wor Chatelaine willy-nilly into The Goon Show.
‘Do you always drink ink?’
‘Only in the mating season.’


First broadcast in the year of my birth, I read. So, I’m too young to understand, Gus :wink:

I’ll bumble off to bed wishing all Best Dreams.
Soo xx


Have some Gin, Soo

I have managed to get it printing, but the Font is tiny


Enuff fer today



Printers is the troublemakers of the computin’ world. Show 'em you’ve got a big stick (cigarette lighters also good) and they generally behave.


I think that I have sorted it, Dunnock




I think looking up details of new ones and talking about getting one might shake some obedience into the beggar.


Very Tempting, Armers

The printer itself was not expensive, & does the job, but the sodding inks aren’t cheap, & guaranteed not to be the same code number on a Noo one… :wink:

I am not doing anything else remotely Techie today/tonight



The usual ploy—flog the hardware cheap then keep raking in the money on the consumables. A particularly nasty trick is preventing them from working with third-party cartridges.

For the bijou church…

Seriously, that’s more likely to be a setting in whatever doc you’re printing than anything to do with the printer (though it may also be set on the printer). You’re not inadvertantly printing 2- or 4-up, by any chance?


I’m sure that it was an incorrect setting on the Waptop Joe , & I ‘unpressed’ a button, & with 1 bound, it was free…


The Waptop has been seriously sluggish this week

That’s prolly my fault too…



I know people who buy a new inkjet printer every few months because it’s cheaper than ink.

I have a boring old laser printer. Important tip: if you spill toner, do not try to hoover it up.



Carrot & Coriander Soup being made here

Intermittent rain here, but cold (for June)

There is an Driller Killer neighbour about , so headache central too