So, who wants to help ... to cower in the cellar?


I’ve actually considered that! If I was on the other side of the Irish Sea, I’d probably go for it, as I could probably flog the old one for a tenner or so on eBay. (Too small a population here, and international postage would be prohibitive.)


The Bull has a beast of a printer that spits out pages faster than a photocopier can

Useful at rallies


I have had my eyes looked at and drops in them to see the back of them and photos took of my eyes ‘ innards


What was the verdict, Twellsy?

The burglar alarm has been fettled. Despite tarsome rain, I ventured out to do some clothes shopping and came back with three pairs of knickers and some hay fever tablets.

Soo xx


But how many pairs had you on when you left the house, dere?


Hah! Funnily enough, I saw a chap ligging it out of M&S when the security alarm sounded. He was chased by a store detective, but I don’t think he caught the offender. This is the second time I have witnessed theft at this store - the last time involved an elderly couple (woman in wheel chair with a very lumpy tummy) who managed to avoid capture. Don’t ask me how I knew, it was just obvious.

Soo xx



Verdict is more tests in a few weeks

The idea is to preserve what I have

Cataracts are a way off ripe to remove them

As only one eye works any surgery is only a desperate last resort


Gentle huggage, Twellsyxx and apologies for the late reply, due to a visitation of the kind that will neither stay nor go.

Today’s taxi driver complained bitterly about the inclement weather during the Isle of Man TT, TFM. He had to return home on Thursday, having seen no racing at all. I reassured him (!) that he may have been squished by a speeding bike had he seen any action and he took it in good part.

Soo xx


Hugs from me too, Twellsy.

I can’t say I blame him, it really was dreadful for most of the fortnight this year. They did manage to squeeze, I think, 6 races into the last 2 days but that was too late for some. It was all those who were camping I felt most sorry for.

We visited PoorOldMum today and were treated to an unusual excitement looking out of her window this morning. Her flat is on the 3rd floor overlooking the harbour and we could see a customs boat (black RIB) cruising slowly up & down with 4 men on board peering over the side. Eventually they stopped alongside a pontoon and were there for about 25 mins with 2 of the men struggling to reach under the pontoon. Meanwhile, a police van drew up.

We watched fascinated, and eventually one of the customs men pulled a largish package out of the water from below the pontoon and they set off, all 4 men looking delighted, to meet the police van by the slipway where they handed over the package. There were loads of other people about but no-one else seemed to take any notice of the goings on.

My guess is drugs, brought in on a boat and left for someone to pick up later, but who knows? I shall be watching the news avidly.


Ooh, very exciting, TFM. Unless this is something you see every day? Makes my fleet-of-foot shoplifter story even more lame, mind you :wink: I did feel sorry for my taxi driver - he was so disappointed and I gathered that this was to be his only holiday, this year. He stated that the UK wouldn’t be as green without the rain and I kept shtum about that comment. Hope POM is as well as is possible.

Soo xx


Goodness no! Never seen anything like it before ever.

I wouldn’t have! I feel sorry for him too though, he’s probably been looking forward to it all year.

POM is doing really well thanks, she is amazing for her age.


Good to know. Treasure her, as I’m sure you will.

Soo xx


I have had a nexperiment and I have produced really really really well smoked bacon

I shut the vents off on the BBQ and then put the smoke box on the coals with a lump of bacon on a foil tray on the cooler end of the BBQ

The bacon was mahogany coloured and the taste was just delicious

It with proper organic new potatoes and steamed sparrer grass was a delightful dinner


A great achievement, Twellsy! We had deep fried prawns with cauli/potato fried with chillies and spices and tomato/coriander relish. Not a very inventive effort from us, but thanks to Madhur (as evva).

It’s peeing down, btw, and the ‘mist’ declared earlier on by the BBC was rain. June is known as the rainy season, round these parts, so I’m not surprised.

I think that my gammy knee is sufficiently robust to cope with the treadmill (after many months) so I’ll be onnit, tomorrow.

Soo xx


Have you got one of Them There Support Thingies, Soo

DiL, who is Not Small but Very Fit fell getting out of the bath a month ago, before the Noo Shower was installed. She had to buy one to be able to go to work, & says that it really helped



I do indeed have a knee support wotsit, Carinthia. As far as a bath is concerned - I couldn’t possibly get out of a bath from the semi-recumbent position as things are. I just managed the climb into the holiday accommodation bath to have an overhead shower! Ugh. Without the ‘rail’, I’d have to stand for Communion. Coming down stairs is becoming slightly easier, as I have trained my legs to mimic a prancing pony. Gawds. The swelling is starting to subside (a year after the event) so all is not lost :wink:

joe - how goes the Wound Healing? I do feel a bit guilty whining on when you’ve had far worse with which to cope.

Eta: off to bed - I can manage to clamber into this.

Soo xx


Gin, Dear

Don’t ferget it

Downhill/downstairs - always harder on the knees because of the braking action required


Yes Joe

We need to know how yer Wound is measuring up

Proffers Pitchers



Thanks! I feel I should point out that the original size was largely down to the two instances of surgical debridement, so probably made it seem worse than it actually was. Dwindling away nicely now, I’m happy to report. Have to get the dressing changed tomorrow, so can give an update then.

Meanwhile, I think we have a new arrival…


In Other News:

I have just read my blood test results from last week online


Way to go

Slammers, anyone ?



Oh, that definitely sounds worth a Slammer, dere. Please.