Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Monday January Turteenth:

Gavin sounds like a right shit of the first order!



What on earth gave you that impression?


Spoilt brat who needs percussive education involving a frozen halibut on his naked rear end is what Gavin is

I doubt if Papa will finance extravagant wedding dreams when he realises what Gav is doing to Crusty


I do hope Gavin comes a cropper over this but they’ll probably drag it out a bit longer. Any sane person, upon hearing what he said to Kirsty, would leave him in no doubt as to some consequence to his words. Philip could start by snapping his purse shut tightly. But I bet he finds some excuse for Gavin and besides, he has to work with his son (never a good idea, in my opinion, but then again, if we could hardly have The Archers without these dynastic disputes).

I do think that if they must have panto villains, they really ought to do the job in proper style and have them exit, muttering ‘Curses, curses, foiled again!’ But they don’t. Rob walked away a free man and Horrible Hazel exited clutching a lot of dosh (though mysteriously, Peggy’s pockets still appear fathoms deep).


Tuedsday January 14th:

FagAshCackle, Peggoi (…through VocalFryFilter) and JustDim (…no filter needed)

…so, what’s to like?

…hmmmm, do I detect another character transplant in the offing? (…NuPeggoi?)

What do we have to offer? (…constant smell of poo & piggies, & moo-cows?)


Raze The Bull to the ground and start again!

…brilliant idea! :thinking::thinking::thinking: (…looks up RentAnArsonist’s phone #)


'Ang on - isn’t Lower Loxley earmarked for that?

(Will there be another rebranding? I suggest “L on Earth”)


snork snorkissimo


WednesdayTurdsday January 15/16th: Just listening again! (…I know, it’s my own fault!)




You know, I didn’t mind the team-building so much when it was all going wrong and everyone was being rude to Kate. It was very disappointing that she in the end took credit that the horrendous experience had brought them all together again and ended up patting herself on the back. Shame Freddie didn’t tell her he didn’t care what she thought and she could stuff her forgiveness.

Does he know about her drug-taking past? She lived with a dealer, too, didn’t she? Wasn’t listening then …


Kate lived with a dealer, who gave her drugs with which she nearly killed herself by deliberate overdose-and-alcohol.

And it was not Freddie who thought of selling drugs at college; it was Noluthando’s idea.


Just another thing she’s failed at.


As did Noluthando, of course. Incapable of seeing anything through.

Just like her mother


Friday January 17th:

Krate: “So what did you all learn from today’s meeting?”

TeamGayGerbils (omnes ad unum): “Have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with you or any of your hare-brained, moronic schemes!”


That sounds about right, except that happened on Thursday, 16th.


I was LAing, I’ve still got to catch up with today’s scrapings… …any tips?


Just one: don’t


You pore masochist…


…yup, that sounds just like me! (…waiting for wireless to warm up!):thinking::thinking::thinking:


Friday January 17th: Best line of the week:

FagAsh (for it is she (…can you not smell her?)) : “I haven’t got time for this!” (…exits in a cloud of gin-fumes/ash/smoke/pique)

Self (…yup c’est Moi!): (…exits in a sweet-smelling cloud of Sturmey’sSPLAT SmokingMixture)