Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Coz that ended well.


Fagash didn’t suggest it, by any chance? She seems to to be trying to put the Bull out of business, no doubt so Idiot can buy it up for redevelopment. I’m sure he’d be delighted to do the same with GG.


Wednesday January TwentyTwoth (…more scrapings):

…last line (Proffesewer Jimmus): "…I think I’ll have a lie down!"

(…hmmmm …sounds a bit ominous, wot?)

…still, if he pops his professorial clogs, AliPali might get a reduced-rate burial, just sling him in on top of his popular recently deceased buddy! Now there’s an idea! Two for the price of one! (Job done!) …and the KK would certainly approve of that price-saving solution! :thinking::thinking::thinking::neutral_face::roll_eyes:


Thorts on Turdsday’s scrapings:

Well, there’s 13+ mins of my life I won’t get back! :roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::no_mouth:


I didn’t really think they would let it go at Wednesday’s gerbiage, somehow.


Oh dear…

I’ve not heard the last two yet. Should I bother? And if so, how many glasses (or bottles)?


All of them should do you nicely.


A bottle of Corley’s per episode Joe


…just the one? :open_mouth::thinking:


With a quart of beer to wash each measure of gin down

The proper way to drink gin at 7.02pm


Friday January FentyTworth: (…aksherly listening on Saturday, which as we all know doesn’t exist in Ambridge! (…ah if only t’were so in RealLoife)):

(…just waiting for the steam-powered cack-scraper to warm up)

Misc. Thorts: It sounds as if J’leen and ClarriE.Coli-Luv (…and Tracee) have the same speech therapist! The way they seem to mangle The Queen’s English particularly verb conjugation is really quite alarming!

Onward and downward!:
What the hell is Krusty squawking about? Oh Christ! It’s Burns Night! :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:
Bad choice, MrKD! Hardly one of your best! In fact I would vote it to be one of your very worst pathetic attempts! It amazes me that AuntieBeeb still sees fit to pay you for writing such cack! (…but I suppose you’re in good company!) :thinking:


Monday’s scrapings:

Party In A Pig-Sty!

…I think I’m warming to Vince!



Loved his air of quiet amusement. Though, I get the feeling he’s not all that unfamiliar with illegal goings on.


And I loved David’s blustering. He’s sounding more and more like Basil Fawlty. Oh and Ruth’s breathy concerned voice, that was good. For a laugh that is. Poor Josh, all by himself in a cell! Pity they didn’t pay him a bit of attention before he was banged up. Never mind, Josh, you’ve got Mummy and Daddy’s attention now.


…anyone else think that “Fi” sounds not unlike Krate??? (…shudder!):roll_eyes:


Not I Sturmers, I like Fiona’s voice and I find Kate’s horrible.


He is isn’t he?!

What a fuss she made, poor little baby Josh alone without his mummy. Lou once, aged 18, spent the night in a police cell (arrested at a sit-down-in-the-road protest) and I must admit I was more amused than worried.


Hadn’t noticed any resemblance, no.


I hate to be fair to Ruth but she does have real cause for worry in this case. I just think it’s a bit ironic that all of this concern she is voicing has been noticeably lacking from her and David for the last however many years Josh has been alive.

As sorry as I am that it is not Pip who is in trouble, the silver lining might be that Pip gets jealous of the attention Josh is getting. Oh, and she might have to do some work. And some child care. Hmm … Jill, you should make yourself scarce!


Yes. He might have jeopardised the deal with Casey.