Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Why am I thinking “Gav” is a bit of a Chav? … anyone else?


Any bit in particular?


The ‘av’ for certain.


Interesting (for a given value of the word, = ‘not very’) that there has been no comment on the last couple of episodes.

This is neither a challenge nor an (Heaven forfend) encouragement, merely an observation.
But if Gavin wants to strangle Kirsty I will a) hold his coat; and b) dob him in.

Aye, no, not very Sisterly at all, since you put it that way.


Friday - January ThirstyTwirft:

(SFX: scrape, scrape, scrape!) (…see wot I did there?)

Krusty invites HellQueen to her weddin’
HellQueen (excitedly): “Oh, goody! I have a large kitchen-knife (cut! cut! stab! stab!) you can use to cut (…cut! cut! cut! stab! stab!) the Philf (…oops, sorry) cake! :open_mouth:
Gav (for it is he): “She’s chucked me out!”
Philf: (…thinks): “Well, at least that should make the finances easier! :thinking:

Ah! …if only! :roll_eyes::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Monday’s penance (:fearful::fearful::fearful:)

Peggoi: “…I don’t like chamomile!..”

Krate: “…you don’t know what you’re missing!”

Me: “…but she does! …she does!!!” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes, what a ridiculous thing to say. If she doesn’t like it, of course she knows what she’s missing, she’s missing drinking something she doesn’t like.

I am so cross with Jakob. He should have cooked his steak and eaten just that. Maybe some oven fries, but no other veg! What a vile way Kate spoke to him. How does he take it?


…if it were me, I would have cooked the whole meal (meat & vegan fare) in my trusty wok, and if Krate (if she were true vegan might) complained about cooking the vegan fare in a wok tainted with the juices of meat I would have told her that my other wok was in the wash, and if she didn’t like it then she was quite welcome to do the other thing!

Although if it really were me, then she wouldn’t have even got as far as sharing the meal/house/bed as I would have told her precisely where to get off after the very first meeting!

(…but that’s just oi, as oi’m a “bit of a bugger to get on wiv!” (…according to several acquaintances! :roll_eyes::open_mouth::open_mouth::neutral_face:)) :smirk:


I suppose she must be very good in bed; I can think of absolutely no other possible reason for putting up with her disgusting manners and horrible behaviour.


How/why would anyone put up with her long enough to find out?


The good Lord in His Mercy alone knows, Joe.


Was that - tonight’s offering - supposed to be funny, do you think?

Oh, and Paddy Greene’s volume control is seriously on the blink.


I have no idea, since neither stream nor podcast is available.

They do have tech staff, presumably?


I am reminded of this one. Once more, Mr. Larson to the rescue (although he got one of the names wrong) : :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::smirk:


February 4th - Tuesday’s failure:

…I’ve been trying for the past few hours to LA, and here’s the massage I keep getting:
"Sorry, this episode is not currently available"

…could Auntie be trying to protect me from something I might regret? :thinking::thinking::thinking::open_mouth:


Indeed, no sign of it yet in the usual places (podcast + iPlayer).


…or even one of these?



OK. LA now working. Hoo-bloody-ray!!! :roll_eyes:

Eternal question: (Listening to TheSmellWomun harassing Hanna …I’m actually starting to feel sorry for poor Hannah)¹! "How come nobody has whacked LaSmell around the kisser? (…preferably with something heavy and sharp!)

Surely (Shirley) there’s an easier way of driving folk from the B***** (…or whatever?_) Just get TheKaledonianKlown to play his sodding bag-pipes! (…or have TheAmbridgeBard to recite some William Topaz McGonegall)?

¹ I can’t believe I actually wrote that!



I wonder if Freddee has ever heard of Charles Darwin? …sounds like young Freddee is well on his way to evolving his way out of existence! :wink:


I haven’t yet listened

Not sure that I can face it