Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Ah. If you in your currently suffering state can take whatever the TBTB choose to throw at us, then it would be a bit feeble of me to duck it (a rhyme suggests itself here).
So I’d better briefcasing listen, hadn’t i?
Deal: I’ll listen, you’ll take things sensible and slow like, dear Twellers, and get yourself better in the teeth of the Medical Establishment.


…well, not much! (…aksherly! :smirk: )


I have listened, Twellsy, and have come to the conclusion that TA cannot be doing you any good in your current delicate state. I was feeling quite chipper beforehand and am now somewhat green about the gills meself.

And primroses? PRIMROSES? Barely into the second week of Feb? I think not, SWs.


I notice that Jakob’s intermittent ASD is playing up again. Conveniently.


Tuesday February 11th:

…do I detect Gav having designs on getting into Emmur’s knickerage region? I think we should be told!

…and what’s with the “totally” and “O.T.T.”? Is StShuggs attempting to keep up with the BrightYoungThangs of Ambridge? I wonder what would BishCyril think? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::neutral_face:

…later Dreamcatcher? …or Husbandcatcher?



…too much hooterating!



While even a very little of Jill tends to be too much imo, I thought she had the volume under better control tonight. I still want her head to fall off, mind you.

And Ben - what ambition, what vision, what a tedious little twat.


…see my post upthread re. volume-control! :wink:


If you mean the one immediately preceding my last post, I did: I was disagreeing with it.


…I was referring to the Larson cartoon depicting Phil’s fitting “Zelda” with a much-needed accessory!


Ahhhh. That one :wink:
Still not really applicable to tonight’s episode, imo. Perhaps PG is unwell…


I thought she was just ‘acting’ reminiscence and quiet grief. Or I thought she thought she was, perhaps.

Was it the anniversary of Phil’s death, or their wedding anniversary, I wasn’t clear? Strange for me, if the former - it’s one year today since POD died.


He was born on 23rd April, 1928.


I’m sure that’s what it was. I was just being mean.

Difficult day for you, me dear. How is OMCB holding up?


She’s doing well considering, full of memories as you’d expect. She’s well supported,we were with her most of the day, she had three phone calls from old friends, and a neighbour has taken her out for a meal this evening.


Wednesday’s high-excrement scrapeage (part II):

…I can’t help wondering how Reg will take to "a low-sugar forage diet" …but NuDaddyJakob seemed fairly adamant "…ask Reg to follow the diet precisely!"

…and I wonder how TheOnlyGayDaddiesInAmbridge will react when they discover that there is now usurper spawn growing in one of the breeders? (…I have nothing against the idea of NDJ becoming a pater, but Krate? …as a Mum? …somehow I feel sorry for the puir wee spawn!) …well, perhaps she’ll do a "Vicky Pollard" and swap it for a “Westlife¹” CD

¹ well, they’re rubbish, anyway!


Her usual approach to parenting is to dump the sprog on the nearest responsible1 adult and scarper to a different continent.

1For a given value of “responsible”.2
2This is TA we’re talking about, after all


Thus offering some benefit to us all.


I had a horse once that got such horrible laminitis once from a fluke grain store leakage and the rubbish vets I was using at the time simply missed the cause (happened overnight) and sold me lots of pricey drugs for weeks and weeks while poor horse declined faster and when I changed vets on advice of blacksmith (not Chris) they acted fast and put the poor horse down. I could have done with a Jakob in my life when all that happened believe me - he and Chris make a good team - actually given Chris REALLY wants a baby and the jury is still out on whether Jakob does then the solution is staring us in the face…


You’re suggesting Jacob puts Kate down ?

Well, it gets my vote.