Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


In a humane manner. It’s not her fault she’s like that. [citation needed]


Look no further than Jennifer bloody Aldridge. Actually, it’s Brian’s fault a bit too.


Good point - highly libidinous parents - profligate breeders both…


It is more their over-indulgence of her that I had in mind.


I was thinking nature not burture but both played a role undoubtedly…


Did Brine not spoil Kate as the only child he produced until myson appeared?


Do you know something I don’t about Alice’s parentage?


Turdsday’s scrapeage:

…wierd, I’ve never really thought of Tracee has having anything other than standards which were very, very low!


FunMum beat me to it but ALICE - was the baby of the family and B’s youngest until son and heir appeared on t’other side of blanket…Alice was given new ponies/horses galore (as was Debbie come to think of it but that was the competitive StepDad in him) …


Leave Tracee alone - she is my favourite by far now Caroline is a gonner - positive role model in fact…she is a total laaaaarrfff unlike all the other gals in Ambridge - Jolene and Lilian are sound enough though and Alice sounded fun when she was seriously on the lash…


Ok I am wrong (what’s new?)

Kate was just a spoilt willful brat who never learned how to control herself in any way

I dislike her intensely and I feel for Jakob being shackled to her in any way


You did have a point though - by the time Alice was born Kate had been Brian’s sole offspring for almost 11 years and that’s plenty long enough for her to have become thoroughly spoiled.


Specially if she was left out of the fridge.


< JD voice > Oh, Brian! < /JD voice >


Consider yerself shunned. (OK, Lilian is just about permissible. I used to like her, once. Pre-Elliot. Actually, pre-Matt’s-brother-wossisname)


It was Paul - a specialist stonemason who restored listed buildings/churches etc …a cut above our Gav…I better the latter has a builder’s bum


A noble calling, I grant you: but not per se an excuse for shagging him.

Actually, wasn’t it ‘half-brother’?


It was half brother indeed but clearly they shared the same Y chromosome but Paul was more in touch with his feminine side - or was he?? - maybe he went a bit Rob like??? I can’t really remember - busy writing abotu Kenton, Caroline and Aunty Chris for conference - I have many many hours of happy listening ahead of me when I access the archives (if they let me into the BL that is!)


Exactly so.

B & J did learn the lesson in the end though and kept Ruairi in a cold cellar for however many years, J’s fridge being too full of wine to fit him in.


Brian had a separate wine-fridge.