Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


I thought that was only when the new kitchen was installed but I’m probably wrong. Still, we all know Ruairi was kept in the cellar. Don’t we?


Free Spare Mousie!


What happened to spare mousie?


The worst. I hope.


How on earth do you expect anyone to be able to answer that?


I realise that you may have heard me say similar before, but tonight’s episode really pissed me off (although full marks for a topical insert about the weather and - though it couldn’t have been more in passing - Brxt and the cabinet reshuffle shenanigans.

But Freddie? Turning self-righteous Pill Police? Thought he had been portrayed as having a higher EQ, and a modicum of self-awareness. The Snell-beast has none of the latter. But on the bright side there are now two (Kenton & Jolene barely add up to one person imo) who have a motive to murder her. Too much to hope for, but a real murder would cheer me up no end.
And Jakob - after a relatively promising beginning, turns out that you, too, are a bloody fool. (Schnapps out of urine sample pots was a nice touch).

Alastair’s everywhere at the moment. Someone ought to warn the WHO.


I am Spare Mousie on Twitter, if that helps …


Friday’s path-effort epicette!

…and the bestest line surely goes to AliPali (…to Jakob) for "…do whatever you have to before she comes back!"

…suggestions? (…apart from "…move as far away from Ambridge as possible leaving no forwarding address")

(…answers mentioning firearms, sharp knives, knitting-needles, wire-coat-hangers cudgels, base-ball bats and the use thereof will earn extra points!)


Some of the ‘fungal infection’ (ergot, I hope) that possibly caused the spontaneous abortion at Brookfield would do nicely.


Perfick Gus

As a vegan she must consume lots of whole grains so the abortofacient properties of ergot would be untraceable…


About 27 years too late, alas




Sunday February 16th:

…how come JohnnyWunderkind didn’t call the fuzz? If someone was knocking down my front door that’s the first call I’d make…

JohnWunderkind’s hair is falling out? Bwwwwaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Jesus Christ on a CornFlake! Who the hell thought that one up? (…sounds like one from Stympleton’s TrypeWryter!)

…and so on to MundaneDay’s scrapeage…:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::thinking::roll_eyes:


The issues are coming thick and fast, aren’t they?


Monday’s Scrapeage:

Krate: “It’s nice to be nice!”

RestOfWorld: “…how the hell would she know that??”

…poor old Jakob! (…what a prize twat!)

Line of the night: Jakob (talking about Ambridge’sFarrier): “…it just slipped out!”

RestOfWorld: "…shame something else didn’t just ‘slip out’!!!

Missed line of the night (…just after Jakob sed "Oh, Kate, I’m so sorry!" there should have been a (thinking to self) "…but so… …so very relieved!"

…and anyway, why does Krate “…want the babee so much?” …after all she has several others dotted around the planet? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::roll_eyes::confused:


Unlike Slaphead Johnny’s hair, then.


To tie Jakob into supporting her for the rest of her life.



That is my opinion of Kate

She neither works nor wants

JD’s daughter

JD was good at dropping brats and spending Brine’s earnings

Has JD ever worked?


Not, alas, headfirst onto a slate floor.


That’s the whole point, innit? Her plan is to populate every continent* with Katelets, so wherever she lands there’ll be one or more offspring delighted to see her and be imposed upon.

I wonder if she’s entirely aware of the realities…

*Not a word I ever expected to use in any Kate-related context