Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Nowadays there is West Midlands too, which brings it up to seven including Worcs itself.

The trouble is that there are hills in the way, as a rule.


'Wiv a ladder and some glasses you could see the ‘Ackney Marshes…’


There’s a point near me, near Malpas, when I can be in 3 counties in 2 steps. Shropshire, Wrexham/Clwyd & Cheshire.

From the Long Mynd can be seen Shropshire, Cheshire, Staffs, Derbyshire, Powys, Worcestershire, West Mids, Warwickshire, Wrexham/Clwyd, Herefordshire.

But not all at once. Move along it, North/South and West/East and the score changes.

Also, “seeing” means the hills of some of these Counties.


Please give the Long Mynd my regards next time.


…me too! …me tooooooo! I’ve taken many a bungee-launch from the Mynd back in the late 1970s early 1980s.


Ner to counties, from the top of Snaefell you can see 5 countries - England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Mann - on the rare days that the mist clears.

And on the coast at Niarbyl you can stand with each foot on different rocks derived from two separate continents.


Is Mann an actual country TFM ?

But point taken, that’s a good lot of nations.


That’s a complicated question really. Strictly speaking not a country but a self-governing crown dependency - but the only thing we’re dependent on the crown for is er, being a crown*, and we’re not part of any other country or of the UK. In other words, we’re a bit odd. Like me.

The original saying was that from Snaefell you can see 7 Kingdoms - England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Mann, The Deep, and the Kingdom of Heaven - but that dates from when Mann had its own king.

*ETA: The Queen is not our queen, she is known as The Lord of Mann.


M’yes, but I can’t help feeling that something the size of the Long Mynd (or Snaefell) isn’t a usual part of a flatish, farming county such as Borsetshire seems to be. Not a very Marilyn area, I feel… and there are no Nuttalls in the English Midlands.


But since the B.F. Moss said it was at the very north of the county it is allowed not to be prime agricultural land and can instead be Geography.


I appreciate I was stretching the point.

That said, you’d not be seeing 5 counties from flat meadowland anywhere I’d expect.


Hollerton Junction @ rush-hour?


Sunday’s Scrapin’s (…well, final 30 seconds):

…here’s an idea: new name "The B… …OOOOOOOM CRASH! WALLOP! in Ambridge

(…wiv suitable SFX)

…oi luved them screams of delight! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::wink:


Sunday’s Scrapin’s (fit the second):

…for those readers who have ever played “Dungeons & Dragons” (the original role-playing board game (TSR (1974)) and have taken the role of Dungeon-Master, in the event of the story/plot becoming silly/ludicrous/untenable there is a wonderful “fixes-all” solution, which if I remember correctly goes something like:
"…suddenly a Golden Dragon appears and incinerates everyone before they have a chance to respond!"
…in the fleeting final moments of tonight’s epi. I wondered who was Dungeon-Master for tonight’s effort and if they had ever thought of using such a useful device? @Fanta ? …anyone?


That’s right on a level with “…and he woke up and it was all a dream” and “Guess what - it was twins all the time”, in other words a miserable cop-out. TBTB would never resort to such a thing, would they.


The modern annoyed game master can resort to the classic “rocks fall, everyone dies”.


Today’s episode was written by Narwhale Awful, Sturmers. I mean, sorry, Naylah Ahmed.

It was directed by Kim Greengrass, who needs to get a better grasp of sound effects.


Getting back to tonight’s offering, I suppose it’s too much to hope that Gavin redeems himself by taking both himself and La Snell out?

(Don’t wish any ill to the excellent Carole Boyd–she’s versatile enough to be recast as a less annoying character)


I’m worried about Kathy. Where was she?


In the name o’ the wee man, why?