Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


“Well, he looked like a Blake to me.”


Not sure that logic & a proper course of action came in to it, Fishy. He was shocked & panicking.

I can’t face listening to it again… :wink:



Basic workplace training would have covered what to do in an emergency. People who panic deserve all they get, but their victims don’t.


i.e., panic?


NO training can prepare you for the shock of an explosion

Freddie at least tried to help Lynda

And from the sound things were still collapsing round him so OUT was the only chance


As he was struggling free he was pushing tables & what sounded like a locker away from him, with quite a crash.

I like the think they were landing on Lynda … with considerable force.


That doesn’t endear him to me, tbh, Twellsy. And I used to be fairly pro-Freddie (everything being relative, you understand)


Thanks for that, Fishy, I was only guessing when I said it wasn’t Gavin . It’s ridiculous, to need to read the synopsis to discover the truth after you’ve listened to the whole epi very carefully.


Or, alternatively: ‘it’s ridiculous that information is contained in the synopsis of an episode that was not delivered via the broadcast version of said episode’.


Can’t imagine a broken pelvis will have been much improved by being dragged around by an amateur. So that’s something.


It’s frankly astonishing to find an Ambridge resident with a spine to injure


Tuedsday’s Epiphany:

…well, there oi wuz, mindin’ me own business gettin’ in some vittles, and suddenly a loit shone all abaht me, and oi wuz sore afraidified! …but oi fancied oi yured a voice (…nope, not an ‘eavenly one, more loike OldWallyG, wot sed “…ullo me ole pal, me ole beauty!”, an’ oi looked, an’ oi seed the followin’ vision:

…my firstest thort: "…buggeration! …now 'ow the 'ell did that 'appen?"


Which of them, though?


…ah, there’s the rub! StShuggs? (…wasn’t there mention about her license just about to be granted recently?)


Nowt trivial about burns (as opposed to Burns. He’s terrifically trivial). At an advanced age it’s a life changer, if not life ender.

I think they plan to show her the door.


If, with those reported injuries, they didn’t, I would be quite pissed off. That is entirely separate from my feelings about the character, whom I loathe with - not a passion, can’t be arsed with that kind of thing - a deep and visceral aversion.


Agreed. To have her come through this would trivialise an awful medical condition, which is not deserved by the poor sods who have to live with it. Because they would HAVE to trivialise it, as dealing with it would take writing & attention some way beyond the writers ability and the audiences taste/patience.

… & I find her an awful bully & snob. So shalln’t be grieving her.


Flail chest? DS? Depression? Bull juggling?

Their track record ain’t that great…


Tuedsday’s Sludge:

Note to the doctors working on MrsSmell “…please, can you do anything about the constant sniffing?”

OMG! StShuggs, TheProf (…in his new character), Wobert (…also in his new character), what’s to like? (…nothing that another gas-leak wouldn’t fix!)

OK I’m off to replay them exploserations ‘n screamin’ again! Oh the joy!!! :smile:


‘Emotionally literate Jim’ is seriously annoying. I do wish Snell, R would smash him on the snoot, but then I suppose Jim would only be Understanding about that, which would be even more annoying.
Nowhere near enough of the buggers on the critical list is my considered opinion.

Also. Oliver would NOT have been that crappin’ useless. The man was an Officer, dammit.