Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


A propos crap :
A rootle through a long-forgotten box has produced 3 flat packs of Izal toilet paper

Dear God, am I rich now? :joy: :wink:



You too can sandpaper your arse…,


One side of Izal was to spread one to sandpaper

I do remember the stiff “Government Issue” stamped in Poliss stations


Probably serve as decent improvised body armour too…


Knitters be warned

I have made my pastry and while it rests (proper pastry made with strong flour and kneaded so it will hold contents and not leak)

So I now have my knitting out

The jumper I was making before orangs interrupted with soft leather hands and sorrowful eyes

So I hold ye responsible and available for problem solving…/.


Wodensday’s Sludgefest:
…sounds like Robert Smell’s nucharacter is just about complete? My, what a transformation!


Just about to listen. Do I take it the Lyndasplat is actually cover for bringing Robert in for the obligatory personality transplant?


Correction. This is Robert, so that should be implant.


Loud snortling.


A particularly severe Snell Snyff?


No cliché is going to be left unturned in the desperate search for reaction from the listeners, this week.


Not many stomachs, either.


How many radios through the window this time, Sturmers? I couldn’t decide which was worse, the writing or the acting.

We’ve been through this so many times, Pat and Peggy talking to squished Tony, Ian burbling on at unconscious Adam, and Eddie’s soliloquy to Dead Joe was equally mawkish and stomach-turning. I scarcely know how to rank them for awfulness.


I quite enjoyed Fagash proving herself to be a good friend


I didn’t.
The words ‘stupid bitch’ may have been uttered.


Sooner or later Robert had to eat, or he would have fallen over and the nurses would have been cross with him.

Not Lilian’s business; and she is not and never has been a friend of his. Nor of Lynda’s, for whom she has always demonstrated envy and enmity.


Lilian has demonstrated friendship by being ready and willing to take food and clothing for Robert and caring for Monty

True friends like Lilian are rare


Friends like Lilian, thank God fasting, I do not have. With her for a friend, who needs enemies.

All about her, that was.


Pink hats dear Fishy?


I’ll give her credit for good intentions. But I can’t stand the way the actor stammers to convey emotion. If Lilian were real, I’d put her on the list of people I didn’t want to visit me if I were in a coma, the way people did with Margaret Thatcher.

But Lil would be welcome to make Mr Janie a sandwich, bring him some clothes and bugger off. I’d better let him know …