Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


And we know what the road to hell is paved with.

It’s the buggering off bit that she got wrong.


22:02 on this side of t’Pond, having just got in. About to feed cell-mates, and set up cat-TV for FatMan. Then I’ll grab an adult beverage, stoke up a favourite pipe with SPLAT and listen in to see whether some defenestration might be in order later orn! Toodle-pip, Old Things!


Hmmmmm! …yes, I think Wobert’s character has been changed! …shame they don’t do the same with FagAsh! (…just got to her mournful soliloquy over the the bed-ridden SmellWomun! (…whilst her SmellySpousalUnit wafted off to take a much needed shower) …Poor Cow! (…I can’t believe I just wrote that!). Buggeration! This is dire to the MAX indeed!

right at the end:

RestOfWorld: …yes! …we all can bloody-well hear you, you cackling old baggage! and yes! …there are many here among us who would PAY GOOD MONEY to throttle you, or have someone else throttle you!


Note to SFX Engineer: Please correct the mistake at the very end just before the “cue feme musak” (…it should have been “cue Life-Support-Alarm-Warning”


Sunday’s Sludge:

“…bin-bags & rubber gloves”? …sounds a bit specialist to me!

NuRobert almost done!

…and a NuHootNanny too, by the sound of it!


Monday’s effort:

The true reason FagAsh has no mirror is that she is one of Count Dracula’s brides, i.e. vampyrette, i.e. undead and so casts no reflection… :scream::scream::scream:


It would also explain the somewhat random application of her slap. You have made me realise that I always envisage her with slightly wonky lipstick, in the manner of a certain popular cartoonist/illustrator whose name (predictably) escapes me.

Now, I may not like the storyline, and I certainly do not like the character (‘Gosh, Gus, you kept that under your hat for long enough’, ‘Lawks, do you not?’, etc) but Boyd was brilliant tonight, I thought.


I’ve just caught up with latest scrapings and heard NuRobert say something about “awful experience” (thinks “I suppose he must be referring to the latest scrapings”)


That’s cuz she’s one of the very best! …and has quite a way of tranforming even the most rural porcine listening organ into a money-bag of pure silk!!!


I would mostly disagree with that when it comes to the portrayal of the Snell-beast - but then presumably TBTB wanted caricature most of the time. I don’t think I have come across her in much else but I do know she is very well regarded.

My hopes have been raised tonight as to a non-recovery, btw.


She did come across as rather valedictory, didn’t it?

I have enjoyed a couple of audiobooks read by Carole Boyd, one in particular, Ruth Rendell’s ‘The Saint Zita Society’.


Not heard it yet (just about to!) but I agree wholeheartedly about Carole Boyd. As with the late and much lamented Edward Kelsey, I really wish the character could have been written out and the actor given a new, more nuanced, role.


May I nominate the fool Kenton as Ambridge’s first COVID 19 fatality?

Whenever we don’t hear him for a while I forget quite what an obnoxious little toerag he is.

I would also like to put it on record that Phoebe’s is a voice one would never tire of punching.


I nominate this post as “best one today”…

…er, thassorl…:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Very kind, sir.
How are the SPLAT supplies? And, indeed, the windows.


SPLAT - enough for the moment!
Winders - long-term contract with local glaziers!
Cell-mates - thank Gawd fer cat-TV!

Alles ist sehr gut!!!


Gus dear

You wrote my thoughts about Phoebe

She needs halibutting with a frozen fish thrice daily until she makes no noise except the death rattle

Kenton has his punishment

He IS Jolene’s husband

Imagine that if you will and think about a long life for Jolene


…ah, the MatchMadeInHeaven¹! (…I used to think that about TheSmells, and definitely Moody’n’Broody)

(…still do, aksherly! :no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::neutral_face::neutral_face::wink:)

¹ - only 6 unhappy spousal-units instead of a dozen (…or more!)



…just waiting for latest wave of sludge to come sliding through, listening live (…as opposed to deceased).

"The Break": Good God! An "Absolute" production (…thinks) surely that should read "Absolute Crap"

…an’ here’s me thinkin’ "The Archers" is bad…

…sounds like Ollie’s character transformation is just about complete!

Kathy (…who she?) must have been struck dumb by Ambridge’s BigBang!

…oh, well, scrap, scrape, scrape!


Friday’s scrapage:

Here’s the solution to your problem, Woy:
RestOfWorld: …about bloody time!!!


…oh dear!

…wiv knobs on! (…bloody great big ones!)