Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


No eggs at the shops? Well, I think we all have a pretty good idea where they went.

Oh, and if bluddy Pip and bluddy Phoebe (bad enough singly, but together? dear God) are dismantling a fence, that means there will be some stakes lyin’ around wiv nuffin’ to do. A busy stake is a happy stake…


Stakes is for everyone, not just for vampires.


Exactly, dere Sparrer. They work on anyone temporarily undead.


Who shops for eggs?? [smug grinnity*]

*Ortokorrekt suggests “Smug Trinity”, which is a pretty accurate description of 3rd level education here)


Adam, do us a favour: FOAD.


Why is he concerned about them employing someone who has not been charged with any crime?


Because he is a sanctimonious arsehole.
Which is fine; but please do not let us have to hear Brian of all people apparently being fond of him or pandering to the little shite.

I hope the Corvids get the baby.


…well, I had to look that one up, but it’s a good 'un, and I think I’ll add it to my auto-answer to all the spammers and tekemarketeers who pester my telephone! Thanks!!!


Just don’t mix it up with FTAOD, which is all too easily done. I have done it.


Miind you, I also signed off an email to m’learned friend with ‘Beast’… I think he was flattered on the whole, being quite a Bad Lad on the QT.
And I managed ‘Nest’ to another colleague, who immediately complied, and built quite the structure under his desk… I rather miss some of the reprobates I worked with.


Using both would be appropriate in this context


joe, have I mentioned of late that I luv and revere you?


What are you talking about?

I am hopeless at TLAs


FTAOD = For The Avoidance Of Doubt
FOAD = Briefcase Off And Die


And counting, seemingly, dere…


Who needs to count Gus Dere?

Thank you wee birdie I am shocked at Gus knowing such rude things

I thought her a sweet kind gentle lady who would never use foul language


`you have either not being paying attention or are stocious drunk, ma’am. If the latter, have another one for me, dear Twellers.


Best done at a distance at the mo - I’m feeling like death warmed up. I don’t think I’ve got it, but I’m taking no chances.



that was not a LIKE like.

has always been done at a distance, the revering and will continue on that basis for the duration.
Now get you to bed with a hot half’un or equivalent and sleep off whatever is ailing you, me dere. Wishing you better in the morning.


Joe do look after yourself much love and no contact hugs

Gus dear I always think the best of folks

And I am stone cold sober