Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Oh Joe

Not a ‘Like’ from me either

Tenters Hitched



I’m not angry, dear. Just… disappointed :wink:


…‘an oi luvs ee all too, an’ moi best adviserations is GARLIC (…lots of) and SPLAT (…for them poipe afikshunardos amongst us)

…an oi’ve just LA-ed, and a few observations:

  1. mAdam is a roight shyte! (…but, we knew that anyway!)
  2. Philf is turning out to be a bit of a shyte. His scene in the latest scrapins wiv Blake(?) reminded me of the advice the old Kennedy (Joe, played so admirably by Bruce Dern) gave to his family in the recent film “Chappaquiddick”, which was "…yes, they have to be told the truth! …our version of the truth!"¹ (…typical soddin’ politician!)

¹ - IMNSHO best line in the whole movie!

…well, everyone, stay safe, and who knows, this COVID-19 malarkey might just be Mother Nature’s answer to the over-population/lack-of-resources problem, since the BlackDeathSolution didn’t really work out! :thinking::thinking::thinking::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::open_mouth::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:


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Pip’s voice was weird in a different way tonight. An even more horrible way. And - despite the nod to TA’s origins as a programme about the daily round of farmers - I can do without Pip guddling about up a sheep’s ewe-bits. But then, as you all know, I’m a sensitive soul.


Haven’t yet heard it

I may avoid it



I do hope Doom happens for Kirsty before they go off air. In these anxious times we need something to keep our spirits up, after all.


I wonder if they have Merry Japes With Hilarious ConsequencesTM planned for April Fools’ Day, which I understand should be broadcast on 2 April…


I must say listening to Philip be nasty isn’t nearly as harrowing as listening to Pip delivering a lamb.


Might you mean ‘farrowing’ Janie dere? (that’s pigs, darling) oh, the gilt!
I just want to hear Philip plant one perfect punch on Kirsty. Save me the trouble, that would.


Well there’s lovely, look you. Just as you always said - NMAWM.


I was just going to remind you of the same!
Three cheers for Mali wotsit, and no, just - don’t. (Is any of youse lot, male division, Welsh at all? Only I am being racist at you, see)

For the confused, Janie and I both watched an excellent series, Welsh language it was, and we dubbed it ‘Never Marry A Welshman’. Un Bore Merchad, I think it was


Yes, ‘Un Bore Mercher’, ‘Keeping Faith’ was the English version. I haven’t watch ‘Hidden’ part two, have you? The first series was really creepy but the actors were good. Mmm … must get my Welsh fix. Have rather a crush on Richard Harrington and his ‘Christ on a Cross’ face.


First episode of Hidden freaked me out slightly for idiosyncratic reasons, so I didn’t pursue. But I understand it was good.
And I like Mali Harries.

Spacebar broken. Bugger.


Most certainly not. How very dare you ?


However, that’s an odd alternative as those words mean “one Wednesday morning” or, in the English order, ‘One morning Wednesday’. (pron. “Een boara Merch-er”


And I never thought of you as such, dere

(Armers might now have a sleepless night wondering whether ‘such’ indicates ‘Welsh’ or ‘male’, of course…)

Don’t want anyone to have sleepless nights, though: see The Cellar.


Not at all, he says at 1.49am.

‘Sych’, (pron. such)’, in Cymraeg means ‘dry’, or as a development, ‘boring’.

Male is ‘gwryw’ yes, I know :roll_eyes:, (pron ‘g-ruw’).


Nos da, cariad, Armers


Not as racist as the SWs. Pat, Nocasha, Sphagnum, Gav, Rhys… Being Welsh is almost as much a guarantee of being obnoxious as being called Simon.