Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


Sort of. For instance, Brian and Jennifer are beautifully written and acted in my opinion. Even when the plot itself is incredible, they are always recognisably Brian and Jennifer. If the actor has failed to bring their character to life then the writers struggle. Ruth being a case in point.


He talks to himself in the third person?


Whereas instead he did something incredibly disrespectful and frankly dishonourable. His poor father must be rotating at 78rpm in his grave.


I think we were meant to be Touched, dere. Wrong sort of listeners, again.


Is Robert pissed?


Robert’s speech has always seemed slightly slurred to me. I wonder if he’s had a minor stroke.


I doubt Lyndy’s up even to that atm.

I have never liked R. Snell’s voice, although I understand it is generally v popular. But you and joe are right - it does sound slurry these days.

Go on then…


Now that’s what I call “social distancing”!


Be thankful for small mercies. Bringing WR to life would be a crime against humanity.


So true, joe.


Show me on this model where the script touched you…



RIP Albert Uderzo…




…what is this obsession with toilet-paper??? :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


…here you are: (…you will note the space just big enough for my car, and my winder stash is stored in the loft out of the way of prying eyes!!


Fans, cat baskets and a ladder: that is a sensibly stocked garage I ignore the other detritus, dere. And I suggest you should too - some of it looks as if it requires exertion: and that would never do.


The car will obviously fit, but can you open the doors? We have a garage which when we moved in was so arranged that only the man who lived here before us could keep his car in it – because he had an open-topped car and could step out over the side. He admitted you couldn’t open the doors.


…yes! (…driver’s side, very carefully!) :wink:


… aaaand, here it is !!


Not a safe assumption in America…