Sturmey Archer’s Slipped Cogs


He was obviously using it to sharpen his teeth, dere, and as to your questions

(1) I’ve no idea as to Joy’s age (…it’s rude to ask a lady (I use that word advisedly) her age) - is it also rude to care when the lady in question is in a (IMNSHO) poorly-written radio-soap?) - she seems to be written as a ditzy twenty-something! (…again IMNSHO)

(2) I could check on-line (…t’InterNet is sure to provide an answer) but there is always the possibility that Joy might be on the outer edges of the bell-curve!


…(2.1) …and of course there’s always the FertilityFairy (…just think back to Henwee’s miraculous conception!)


Really? How many ‘ditzy twenty-somethings’ have adult offspring with offspring of their own? The writers aren’t doing a great job at the moment, I grant you - but that would be a stretch even for them.


…you’re right, of course, however you must remember we’re talking here of The Archers, and I think even you might agree stranger things have happened! (…ghostly musak: cue Prof. Jimmus…) :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::scream::scream::scream::scream:


I think she’s probably in her mid thirties.


Memories of ISIHAC:

An extension of your family, grandparents you’ve become…

“…Or as they say in Middlesbrough: Well done, you’re twenty-one.”



Fifties, surely


I heard the repeat from my sickbed/sofa

Hasn’t she got grandchildren, or have I been hallucinating again ?



Yep, reportedly: Harper & Noah


…well, after 'avin a fink, and after reading some of the replies, I think that Sir William Schwenck Gilbert nailed it in “Trial by Jury” (The Judge’s Song)

(…sings)…“You’ll soon get used to her looks,” said he,
“And a very nice girl you will find her!
She may very well pass for forty-three
In the dusk, with a light behind her!”

CHORUS. She may very well pass for forty-three
In the dusk, with a light behind her!"


Friday’s sludge: (…just listening (…but note NOT again!))

When oh when will someone in the ProductionTeam give JustDim a throat lozenge? (…a “VictoryV” or “Fisherman’s Friend” …or an “ExtraStrongMint” (…laced with strychnine):smirk:)
Pleeeeaaassseeee! …pretty please?

(…anyone else find JustDim’s cackling efforts to communicate as annoying as those of FagAsh? (…just curious) :thinking::thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


but of course, dere


She should
a. Be ashamed of what she brought up
b. Feel fortunate they’re remote to her.

It’s only going to end badly.


I’ve got my Watchin’ Chair and a bowser of gin. Any time now…


Wrong way round, shurely?


Sunday: (…scrape, scrape!)

…let’s see, what do we have here?

Dopey: “…they think I’m some kind of ignorant yokel!

RestOfWorld: (…in puzzled amazement) “…really? …why on earth would they think that?”



Sunday’s scrapings:

I feel a Max Miller moment coming on:

"HellQueen and Lee went down to the dairy
Lee took out his hairy cana…(…in the interests of decency and good taste, the rest of this rather rude recitative has been removed! - Ed)

RestOfWorld: "Decency? Good taste? in The Archers? Bwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhh haaaaa haaaaaaaaa bloody haaaa! :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: "


Tonight - 17 Dec - that was three stop its, one FFS, one eff OFF would you? and one Christ al-bleedin’-mighty in the first three minutes or so.


Oh dear! I’ve been holding off on catching up with the latest scrapings! Sounds like a wise decision… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


…but I just couldn’t resist…

ProfJimus: “It appears to be a type of facial cream!”

RestOfWorld: “…oh, Proffesewer, wrong end!!!”


Nartarsher: “You’ve got a lot of bags there, Robert!”

Robert (…thinks) “…true, and here comes the biggest bag of all!”

(enter Lynda): “…this is my sewing-machine, not just any old Singer, but my sewing machine, used by me when I’m sewing all the amazing costumes for my amazing productions!” (…er, that’s enough of TheAmazingMrsSnell for tonight! "CLICK" - Ed)