Viral DOOM


Nah, Latin. The original Dead Parrot Poem.


‘sed parrot sed pro petri dish’?

Oh god. A Thing just happened in my brain.

Zoom in to composer at desk/piano/barstool
Big, sweeping, Musical-type music

Something to signify lightbulb moment

“Well, I know how to set a scene:
French windows; moribund psittascene”

Sorry about this; I shall be better (probably) when I have eaten.


On Thursday we fly to St. Lucia.

… or do we ?


Would a safety-pin help at all, dere?


Or a Great Big Trebuchet?


One of those two alternatives is almost always helpful; the other, only in dire emergencies.
oh, and ymmv ;- )


Anyone want a temperature?

I have one and am glowing like a pig

No coff or sneeze just a bit breathless

Should I dunk myself in C2H5OH as a disinfectant?


Only if you have no scratches, dear: it would sting like merry hell otherwise. Suggest paracetamol, if not contraindicated, copious fluids (the precise balance of sane left to your discretion) and rest. In bed, Resting. Propped up a bit.

Elevated temperatures are not welcome in the Cellar. Don’t make me come and sponge you. Neither of us would enjoy that.


I had lost the temperature

I was feeling better

That Bull was just checking and yup I have a nasty temp

Parrots have been taken

I lie trying to get cool

Sponging would be a great relief


Please, dear Twellers, do get shot of the temperature. And if I were there I would sponge you and gladly. Except we are not meant to now (although that might just be for brats: the idea being that it closes up the surface blood vessels and the internal temperature builds and then Kaboom! Splat! you’re picking your Heir and the Honly 'Ope of the "Ouse’s innards out of the Venetian blinds…)
No, me neither. But that’s the theory. Tepid, not cool, water, sponged gently, can only be a good thing, I feel. Dunking you in a vat of same, let alone fecking ethanol, would be a less sound plan, though fun in its way, no doubt.

Stoppit and sleep and be well and thrive, damn you!


Twellsy, given yer penchant fer chest infections this year, & the fact that you are, with all your underlying conditions in an ‘at risk’ group, I would think that a call to your Dr might be a good idea.

Oh, & Behaving Yourself too… :wink::mask:



Two of those are pretty much synonymous.


I know the feeling…


There, there, joe,you sound sorely tried by yer calling: have a sip of this lovely nourishing gel cocktail. 60% ethanol with a faint aroma of some technician somewhere’s idea of a cucumber. Not a thought experiment to be pursued very far, that one ;- )


Can someone tell me what the feck food technology is and what happened to cookery?


Food technology is a very important and challenging area of research, engaging some of the finest scientific minds in the world.

Cookery is what they expect their wives to have on the table when they get home.


Aaah that explains it

I am just a numble cook you see and not fit to question my male technologist betters



Take care of yourself, Twellsy.


strong textCan someone tell me how the feck you are, Twellsy?



I am OK - the asthma makes recovering from chest infections slow and the immobility makes infections more likely

As for the feckin stair rods making me eat more well I have avoirdupois that were not around in September last

So I am a fat bored old bag who is trying to get back to normal life and keeps getting infections that are rife in the warm moist air we have been having this winter